A mood or aura that someone "radiates" while doing something. Typically, this mood is laid-back and nonchalant, though the energy type can vary. Another word for this would be vibes.
1) "Dang, that girl just brought a 2-litre bottle of soda to school, and now she's just hangin in the back of class with her earbuds in. I wish I could channel that energy."
2) "Bro, I just hung out with the theatre kids, and I swear, they radiate this energy that nobody else can."
by CoolMeme May 20, 2020
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What little kids get when you give them anything with high amounts of sugar. IE candy, soda, ice cream.
When I was babysitting, the kid got a sudden surge of energy, and I will never feed that kid ice cream again.
by imaprettycoolbrunette February 10, 2005
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Dwayne was throwin' hella ENERGY my way.I know he's down for the get down!
by CMACK7 October 2, 2007
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Somones energy it how they act towards you so they can be cool with you one day but then it can switch up easily the next day for no reason.
I was talking with Ryan and his energy isn’t the same anymore.
by axvy.o June 6, 2020
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1. Chemistry between you and someone of the opposite sex.
2. Negative chemistry between you and someone getting into an argument.
If its energy between us im gonna cut.

These dudes talking noise its gonna be energy.
by Houmane September 19, 2007
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can be converted from one form to another, but it cannot be created or destroyed.
I so munch ENergy i can go all night
by Energy December 16, 1999
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A band from St. Louis, MO, consisting of two members: Britton Campbell and Adam Gardner. They're actually quite good, with great-sounding music and melody and really meaningful lyrics, as opposed to some other *ahem* whiny bands. Listening to their music kind of makes your chest fill with something similar to a mixture of hope and happiness.

They're rapidly gaining popularity, so be sure to become a fan and see a few shows of theirs, before they become so big that the chances of getting to meet them drop slim-to-none.
Inquisitive Child: Oh, wiser, older, more intelligent connoisseur of music, what's a genuinely good, non-whiny band that has really cool guys in it that are just too adorable for words?

Connoisseur of Music: Oh dear, sweet, naiive young one, simply go to www.myspace.com/thisisenergy, and your question will be answered. (This Is Energy)
by connoisseur_of_music221 September 14, 2009
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