Slang term for "chin".
"I stroke my weenus when I'm in deep thought."
by Radha May 18, 2004
boogers that form in the corner of your eye
Eww, get that weenus out of your eye!
I woke up this morning with weenus in my eye.
by will May 9, 2004
its the area between all your fingers and toes.
i have 16 weenus'
by john j August 12, 2003
the small flap of skin that can be pulled outward from your elbow
check out my WEENUS, I bet its bigger than yours!
by Chrissy-T February 16, 2005
the skin on your elbow
"I bet you $10 you can't lick your weenus"
by mom of boys... May 26, 2009
The act of inserting an erect penis into another man's pee-hole.
Johnny had to gauge his pee hole out for weeks before he could fit Billy's boner in there and weenus all night.

Typically considered fifth base.
by Grundle Thunderbird June 25, 2017