The extra flappy, dangling, wrinkly skin hanging from you elbow
by Hi_Hi_1 October 9, 2022
Some stupid, drunk, SUPER OLD lady that's usually psychotic, controlling, and insane. Oftentimes will try to coax others into thinking they may soon quit hitting the bottle, but in reality, they have only just switched to cans. Can be found in the musty boondocks of Matchipongo, especially during a full moon, and at low tide.
"I'm not crazy... I've just been in a very bad Weenus for 40 years."
by sodivalicious August 19, 2017
It’s a slang term for the loose skin at the joint of the elbow. But of course you’re thinking about penises, right? Jokes aside, the medical term for this piece of anatomy is the olecranon skin.
Sucking someones unerect penis, is like sucking their elbow’s weenus.
by DrAccius January 28, 2022
Elbow skin that produces fluids
“His weenus produces loads of fluids” says Campbell

“I know it’s chonky” said Jacob
by Ebic person October 19, 2019
by Slayqueen420 November 6, 2022
A very flabby belly such that when you bend over the flab folds show distinctive cellulite under the skin.
That chick may have a hot face, but damn, look at the weenus belly she sports.
by FishboyfromAtlanta November 14, 2014