A way of saying that something is lame or boring.
"You mean the phish concert tickets are sold out? Weak Sauce dude."
by Austin August 4, 2004
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1. Describes the lamest of the lame. The epitome of awful.
1. That bud was weak sauce.
by Kieran Rousch January 12, 2006
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Describes an event or object that lacks inesnity and/or fails to fully accomplish its purpose. Used to degrade, or convey ones dissatisfaction in something.
That concert was weak sauce, I can't believe I paid to see it.


Your Face is weak sauce.
by Little Dog Monk August 30, 2006
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The utmost example of lame.

The pinnacle of pointlessness.

Weak-sauce is best used as an adjective to decribe how pitifully someone has failed when they were actually trying their very best.
When motivating your children:

"Really son, is that the best you can do? What is that? A TURD!!! You are supposed to be drawing a picture of your family for this homework assignment! Do you hate us? Would you prefer living on the street? That finger painting is so WEAK-SAUCE!!! No, you are weak-sauce!
by Malek Taus January 19, 2008
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lame, bad, performing poorly, opposite of money. (History). Originally coined by Craig's friend from college, Danny, weak-sauce has become a much needed buzzword in the lame, not cool category, with thanks to Boomer Esiason and Marv Albert who used it on an Monday Night Football broadcast in '02.
The Denver Nuggets scored 68 points in the entire game yesterday, making their offensive output weak-sauce.
by Steve&Craig November 5, 2003
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When a man's semen doesn't contain sperm, typical after a vasectomy.
"My man got fixed so he has that weak sauce"

Girl: "Fuck, put on a condom"
Guy: "Don't worry babe, I got weak sauce"
by wafflegirl1996 March 21, 2019
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