Something which is pathetic. Can be one word or two.
by Jesus M. Christ November 26, 2007
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1) A huge bitch-ass nigga, where no matter what happens they cannot change the fact that they are a BITCH-ASS NIGGA!

2) Any fast-food sauce where its taste is/would/can never meet the standard of any other type of sauce.

Adv. Adj. N.
Weak Sauce Nigga: Yo y'all heard dat?

Everyone Else: What are you talking about?

Weak Sauce Nigga: I thinks dats da PO-lice!!

Everyone Else: Nah you're bugging!

Weak Sauce Nigga: You know this da time when dem pigs are out, trying to crack down on niggas smoking pot!

Everyone Else: NAH! You're bugging!!

Weak Sauce Nigga: Nah imma dip, dat shit aint no joke!

(weak sauce nigga leaves)

*Everyone else finishes the fat blunt

Everyone Else: Yo that nigga is WEAK SAUCE, that was nothing but a raccoon in the trash can.

Moral of the Story: You got a FAT BLUNT going and you bail cause you hear a fucking sound. You are WEAK SAUCE!
by Witnesser To Weaksauce November 4, 2011
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A phrase used to describe a situation that is really stupid or inconvenient. A way to express ones passionate disapproval of a person/place/thing/situation that in a nut shell, SUCKS
Let's pretend for a moment that your are playing a video game. Modern Warfare, WOW, Sims or what have you. You're doing REALLY well when you usually SUCK. And then, out of nowhere, for no apparent reason, your computer freezes causing you to lose ALL progress made leaving you at square one. This my friends is what we call, Weak Sauce!
by Muerte de Mujer February 4, 2010
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When something is weak, but more then weak.
by Mason Beveridge March 2, 2004
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weak sauce some one that is weak or is showing weak actions that dont favour in who asks the question.

refers to when you get pasta and have weak sauce the pasta normaly sucks.
eric. dave come out tonight man

dave. nah man i gota work early

eric. weak sauce dude

by Matson May 14, 2007
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(Def). lame, bad, performing poorly, opposite of money.

Per: Madison's 100X DJs -Steve & Craig
The Denver Nuggets scored 68 points in the entire game yesterday, making their offensive output weak-sauce.
by 70-1 May 15, 2003
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1. (Adj) Used to describe a very crappy/weak person, place or thing. It can even describe an idea.

2. (N) Mustard
Do you like the show "The BoonDocks"?

Pshh...That show is weak sauce.
by JBN Gstache April 25, 2007
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