slang; calling one "weak sauce" compares said individual to the "mild" sauce found at Taco Bell; weak, insignificant, attempting to be like the other hot sauces, but not living up to expectations.
Damn, that fool at the gym was weak sauce.
by UCSD - ek2 May 3, 2003
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Something considered to be extremely lame, disappointing, or undesirable could be described as "weak sauce." The term originates from a technique used in hockey called a sauce shot. A wobbly sauce shot is refered to as "weak sauce," hence the negative connotation.
Grant: Ha Ha! I just scuffed your shoes.

Cyrus: Weak sauce man.
by Batmanuel December 6, 2007
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Having weak sauce means that you are weak sauce
For it is Rebean who has the weakest sauce of them all
by Jour-Hadique April 29, 2005
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when something or someone is incredibly bad.
when something sucks.
jim: man this game blows
todd: yeah, it's weak sauce!


when someone sucks
Jim: ahaha eric you are so bad at mario kart
Julian: yeah dude, weak sauce!

by you're weak sauce December 10, 2007
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something that sucks; something somebody did that sucks; and so on
"did you see smoking aces yet?" "yeah its weak sauce"
by joe the toe April 25, 2007
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Having character equivalent to that of wattered down mayonnaise. Meaning you have no talent, no spirit, no "huevos."
That fool's serve is weak sauce.
by Randy Newman December 29, 2004
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Etymologically, weak sauce was born in Long Beach California circa 1996. It was inspired by the G Love song "My baby got sauce" to which the adjective weak was added and a neologism was born. I used the term intermittently and was surprised when, two years later, I was visiting northern california and heard it used. Since then, it has spread and false claims as to it's origen have been made.

The full usage is now commonly considered passé. Currently, in Long Beach, sauce is an acceptable description of something thats shitty. It is interesting that G Love's "sauce" was a good thing and it has in fact become a polar term.
person A: the food at baja sonora is weak sauce.

person B: it's worse than sauce, that shit had me urinating out my asshole all night.

Person A: I think it's their enchilada sauce (unrelated).
by paul mathus January 13, 2006
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