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A way of saying that something is lame or boring.
"You mean the phish concert tickets are sold out? Weak Sauce dude."
by Austin August 03, 2004

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one who goes to college for 4 years and gets a job in a museum gift shop.

sleeps in until noon. goes to class. then smokes pot at night.

owes me 8 bucks.
Matt, the art major next door, never goes to class, keeps smoking pot, and owes me money.
by Austin December 05, 2004

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The best show that WAS on TV. Cancelled after one season. Now can be found on DVD at freaksandgeeks.com or freaksandgeeksdvd.com
If we lived in a perfect world, Freaks and Geeks would have taken the place of Friends and run for however many million seasons Friends did, since Freaks and geeks was a far superior show. At the same time, Friends would never exist or only be shown to inmates in prison as punishment.
by Austin August 24, 2004

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A type of coffee made by forcing very hot water through finely ground and tightly packed coffee resulting in a dark, sometimes bitter tasting, drink.

Espresso is served in shots of around 1.5 ounces, and is frequently added to steamed milk to make various coffee beverages.

Often mistakenly called "expresso".
I just spent an entire month's worth of paychecks on a new espresso machine. I will never sleep again.
by Austin December 01, 2003

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Seeing things from another persons perspective, and putting oneself into thier position.
He could empathise with his friends loss.
by Austin November 09, 2003

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an amazingly hott, sexy, funny, weird, cool, nice, sweet, outragous,lovable, considerable, extrordinary, rare, fantastic, most perfectest girl in the world!!!!!
wow look at that keli, wat a piece of art work!
by austin January 25, 2004

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the stuff that gets in the way of the girls face when she is sucking your dick, also known to other women as fuzzy and fun to pull ((ooooooooooowwwwwwww))
don't cut your pubic hair off bob you might cut yourself then what you gonna do vagina crotch!!!!!
by austin February 11, 2005

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