A lack of satisfaction (that is, being unhappy, typically about something or someone).
Dissatisfaction is common among people unhappy with life.
by Pseudo-Anon July 13, 2015
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1) A sense of discontentment felt by the voting public when presented with corrupt elected officials or political candidates whose platforms are lies, whose personalities are non-existant, and whose real agendas of embezzlement, excess and arrogance are all too clear.

2) The brain's complete withdrawal from public politics in order to protect itself from the inevitable implosion caused by rampant media stupidity.

3) One of the final symptoms of democratic decay.
The failure of the elected officials to disclose the existance of a contract with the lobbyist led to wide spread voter dissatisfaction and a cry to Vatso in the next election!

Synonyms: voter apathy, Vatso, Ratso, recall
Antonyms: voter satisfaction
Misspelling: Ratso
by Vatso May 15, 2011
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When one feels endlessly dissatisfied. Also could be known as “grass is greener syndrome”.
Yo, bitch ass Max has Chronic dissatisfaction - he left his girl and is moving to Europe again.
by Lilkris July 8, 2020
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The feeling you get when your phone has a new message or missed call but the text is a lame forward from someone you barely talk to and the missed call is from a telemarketer.
Dude i've been having total textual dissatisfaction all day. I've only gotten 3 texts and they were all forwards. *facepalm*
by ThatOneDudeThatLovesYou May 13, 2010
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When you pay a prostitute for sex and they cannot get you to orgasm.
"This bitch was sucking me off and she was so shit i got buyer dissatisfaction!"
by JanesGal November 10, 2022
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