A term used to describe a person, thing or situation that is exceptionally lame, and is often associated with physical weakness.
You can't do ONE push up!? That is weak sauce.

You're car is totally weak sauce!

Man, I don't want to go to Brad's house, that guy is weak sauce.

I can't believe we're lost! This is so weak sauce!
by Matthew Forcella February 2, 2009
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A person who becomes intoxicated by a very small amount of alcohol. A cheap date, a lightweight.
"I almost tripped down the stairs!"
"Foo, you are WEAK SAUCE, you only had one glass of wine!"
by That_one_girl__ February 9, 2006
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Only geeks/nerds use this term on the internet, they think they are cool if they say it.
nerd 1 : Hey man your the weaketh sauce!

Normal person : STFU, nerd before you get smashed on.
by Nerdsmasher July 15, 2005
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a 21st century version of "you gotta small dick" or "you got no balls". A questioning of one's manhood.
Dude you can't drink worth shit. Weak sauce.
by probono April 21, 2004
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People who go to sleep early, for the sake of getting an extra hour of sleep.
Davis stopped texting me at 11 because he wanted an extra hour of sleep. Weak sauce.
by _ladytromboner October 27, 2014
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the discripion of the action of being lame!
"do u want to go to the movies"
"no i got to work"
"Weak sause"
by Pee Wee May 2, 2003
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