lame, bad, performing poorly, opposite of money. (History). Originally coined by Craig's friend from college, Danny, weak-sauce has become a much needed buzzword in the lame, not cool category, with thanks to Boomer Esiason and Marv Albert who used it on an Monday Night Football broadcast in '02.
The Denver Nuggets scored 68 points in the entire game yesterday, making their offensive output weak-sauce.
by Steve&Craig November 04, 2003
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calling one "weak sauce" compares an individual to the "mild" sauce found at Taco Bell; weak, insignificant, attempting to be like the other hot sauces, but not living up to expectations.
"Dude, that papercut was some weaksauce bs."
by John Smith January 30, 2006
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Something considered to be extremely lame, disappointing, or undesirable could be described as "weak sauce." The term originates from a technique used in hockey called a sauce shot. A wobbly sauce shot is refered to as "weak sauce," hence the negative connotation.
Grant: Ha Ha! I just scuffed your shoes.

Cyrus: Weak sauce man.
by Batmanuel December 06, 2007
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A word commonly used by stoners in place of "lame" or "stupid."
"Man, pass the reefer."
"We're all out, bro."
by RockyB August 28, 2004
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lame, weak, not good, not strong, not hot, easy,
His excuse is weaksauce. His run in X games was so weaksauce. Like after you watch someone do a 540 Mctwist but they sucked at it you say, "Weaksauce."
by BIGMike September 30, 2014
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Having weak sauce means that you are weak sauce
For it is Rebean who has the weakest sauce of them all
by Jour-Hadique April 29, 2005
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