1.) An act of transporting something to somewhere
2.) To pass on information
3.) To express a feeling or thought to someone to make known
1.) Dale :''Bart, what are these pipes good for?''
Bart:''They're to convey water to those silos on the barns''

2.)Dale :''What did Sheila wanted to say to me?''
Bart:''She wanted to convey her feelings to you, Dale''

3.)Dale :''Where do you usually find somethings like that?''
Bart :''They're conveyed on kids movies, usually''
by GreatBigLargeMcHuge May 22, 2017
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A device to deliver the Choc to the Hole.
Hello there, would you like to go for a ride on my Chocolatey Conveyer?
by HawkC120 April 8, 2022
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A chocolaty conveyer is a symptom of a highly diabetic substance induced madness. It is in most cases caused by the depravity that modern capitalism has inflicted upon even the most innocent and harmless elements of our society such as ice cream, gingerbread, anime and of course chocolate. When afflicted by it, an individual will show signs of an obsession for endlessly growing and complex contraptions engineered for the sole purpose of generously spurting obscene loads of cacao derived treats, hence the chocolaty conveyer. There were also cases where the afflicted will manifest a change in its behavior towards such kind of treat, impersonating it and sometimes even considering as a sexual partner or an exploitable work force. No cure has been found for this illness as of today and there will be one.
(Sources : Youtube, "Rimworld: Chocolate Factory")
Afflicted Individual : "Hmmm... Hello there ! Would you like to go for a ride on my... chocolaty conveyer ?

Special Girl : "I'm guessing this has to do with another of your needlessly complicated "toys", doesn't it ? Alright go one."

Small Commanding Individual : "Boss ! We've stuffed the conveyer too hard and it's overflowing ! There's chocolate treat everywhere, we need to stop it NOW !"
by Elitrom April 7, 2022
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Lining up shots of vodka on a treadmill then you and one friend have to drink as many shots as you can while another friend feeds more on the other side
Chris: yo I'm about to start the Russian conveyer belt!
Roger and Michael: lets go! Your ass could never put out enough shots in time!
by Misterbig April 8, 2014
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3-5 men spooning and feeding each other sandwiches over their shoulders
Hey bros! Let’s get together and make a Sandwich Conveyer Belt
by SandwichManjr March 7, 2023
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Mr. Cringe's conveyer belt used for moving chocolate and drugs. Also. Butt stuff.
Hello there. Would you like to go for a ride of my chocolate conveyer belt.
by lBrosephStalinl April 7, 2022
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Seen on an episode of Keene and Peele on Comedy Central. Pretty sure it involves homosexual acts.
No matter how badly Brian and his friends wanted to just have a gang bang with a stripper, Kevin kept insisting on an armenian conveyer belt.
by putterdog October 18, 2012
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