You do me and I'll owe you one.
He pulled the old 68 trick on her again.
by Sex Fiend October 19, 2002
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A sexual(often oral) favor performed by someone without receiving the favor in return.

Man: "Hey baby, how about we 69?"

Woman: "How about we 68?"


Woman: "That's where you do me and I owe ya one."
by jason December 7, 2004
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The act in which a male proposes a false agreement with a female, in which the female will perform oral sex on the male and the male promises to return the favour, owing her one in the future, thus the name "68". The male then, subsequently, does not return the favour, thus a scam on the female.
He totally pulled a 68 on her the other night. He hasn't spoken to her since. Word on the street is that she is crushed.
by TheCRZ September 24, 2010
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The speed limit of sex because at 69, you have to turn around.
by Manzorz June 23, 2009
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When a person attempts to engage in the act known as a 69 with a frozen being made of snow (i.e. a snowman). Fair warning to persons of whom may be intrigued by this activity, it is very important to wear protection while 68’ing.
“My daughter’s Frosty The Snowman was looking so fine, so when she fell asleep I went and 68’d the shit out of it.”

“With a nose like that, I’d 68 Olaf in a heartbeat!”
by Jombimation June 4, 2018
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Often used as a corny pick-up line meaning the speed limit of sex.
Guy: Hey sexy. Do you know the speed imit of sex?
Hot Chick: No. What is it?
Guy: 68. Because at 69 you have to turn around!
Hot Chick: *SLAP!*
by Sorlover March 12, 2009
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