A bee that stings like crazy, comes out in august and september. Real agressive
Raid wouldnt do it, I had to use a bee bomb to kill the fuckin wasps
by Snakes on Plane September 17, 2006
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White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

But nowadays we can leave the P off because it doesn't always apply. Catholics are becoming WASPy as hell because they have climbed up the socioeconomic ladder. Fairfield County is known for being WASPy yet most of the population is Catholic.
St. Francis Catholic church is the WASPiest church on earth.
by Willerr June 10, 2007
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The WASPs at the club drink martinis by the tub.
by Mandingoe May 23, 2004
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1 - Wealthy Anglo-Saxon Protestant. This is contrary to popular usage, but removes the oxymoron of "white anglo-saxon," while defining the rich & snotty aspect. Not to be trusted; Migratory hives to appear across the world, but are most common in the North-eastern US. Be advised: bug repellant only agitates, and ends with you being oppressed by thier influence.

2 - Little flying death darts. Kill on Sight, before they do unto you.

That rich little cracker threatened you with a civil suit if you call him a WASP again? Let's go smash his daddy's Lamborghini.
by Faüst January 11, 2007
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White Anglo-Saxon Protestants.
WASPs make up about 50% of the population of Winter Park, Florida.
WASPs in Winter Park were one of the reasons why Jeb Bush was re-elected as a governor.
by KRHimself May 8, 2004
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W.A.S.P. = another lame 80's hair metal band.
W.A.S.P. stands for "We Are Shit Pirates".
by : ) have a nice day! January 9, 2005
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