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white anglo-saxon protestant. this usually refers to affluent people in the new england area, but also whites of "old money" in other areas throughout the country.
Jenny's comfortable lifestyle of prep schools, homes in nantucket and westchester, and long-line of descendants from the same area made people label her a wasp.
by Jessica April 15, 2004
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1) stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.
2) people who usually come from privileged background, typically in the New England area
3) abbreviation for Williams, Amherst, Swarthmore, and Pomona (the top four Liberal Arts Colleges in the nation. Strangely, those colleges are full of WASPs themselves)
1) If John Kerry were Protestant, he would be a WASP.
2) George W. Bush is a WASP
3) Dukkakis went to a WASP college
by Empire-builder November 21, 2004
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White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

Descendants of colonial-era immigrants from the British Isles--especially England, but also from Wales and Scotland (irrespective of the fact that Scots and Welsh people are predominantly descended from Celts, not descendants of Angles and Saxons)--who belonged to the Presbyterian, Congregationalist, and Episcopalian (Anglican) denominations of Protestantism.

The term is redundant because all Anglo-Saxons are white.
To this day in America, the W.A.S.P.s are the one group about which--in a politically correct atmosphere--jokes can be made with impunity.
by adgadfgfdgdfg January 15, 2006
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Historically an acronym for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, but used traditionally and frequently to mean White Affluent Schooled Person(s), regardless of a precise national origin or specific christian denomination or religion. Especially relevant in references to persons or families with old money ties in positions of certain power, notably those residing in certain pockets on the East Coast.

Commonly used with an inherently negative connotation by non-WASPS.

The term is often associated and used interchangeably in reference to the perceived subculture of "Prep", "Preppy", "Prepdom" because of historical and unmistakable ties.

The acronym "wasp" has not become commercialized as greatly as the perceived "prep" lifestyle through clothing companies which try to sell this lifestyle to the aspiring common populace who strive to overcome the reality of exclusivity.
Joe - "this is such a waspy neighborhood!" Catherine - "Welcome to Stepford!"

did you see those people? Such wasps!
by anon85 February 04, 2011
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A flying insect that will sting you. Resembles a honey bee except bigger and they won't lose their stinger when they sting so that means one could sting you multiple times.
Hell na I ain't goin out there, there's Wasps in that bitch.
by A Human Male July 23, 2018
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