Where a person Wears their glasses tilted downward, making them look fast and ready to party.
“Holy shit! Hey Toby, look at Lachie! Look, he’s over there wasping to darude’s Sandstorm!
by Avoparsley January 29, 2018
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Write Anglo-Saxon Protestants.
Preppies are invariably WASPs, but not all WASPs are preppies.
1) The other dumbass who wrote a definition for this should learn how to spell. (its P-R-O-T-E-S-T-A-N-T)

2) It's difficult to find any type of person other than WASPs in Nantucket.
by fromnh June 12, 2010
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A stupid motherfucker who loves to sting innocent people and should die
Person 1: I got stung by a wasp today
Person 2: it will be burning in hell
by Purplepeepee August 14, 2020
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1) A White Anglo-Saxon Protestant - a person of English descent who follows one of the branches of Protestanism, typically Anglicanism (Church of England); Anglo-Saxon is not be mixed up with just Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon refers to the Germanic invaders who conquered England shortly after the Romans fell from power, thus it refers to strictly to English people and their descendants.
by Darcy L. July 6, 2006
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Oh shit I just got stung by a wasps

Hope it goes and pollinates or does something useful for the ecosystem, Oh wait
by Epicninjagamer69 June 9, 2019
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pronounced way-sp

To appear more attractive on Facebook than you are in real life, so deceptively attractive, wether it's achieved by editing photos, using filters, or effective angles. Derived from the term "waste gash"

Can be subtly implied by saying "buzz" to your mates should no one else be aware of the term.
"That girl looks hot in her display photo"

"Yea, but she's a proper waspe"
by KiDefineo May 22, 2012
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A wasp or wasps is/are a group of

People that are evil for the sake of being evil and hurt other for nothing of value other than amusement who ch could have been achieved in a million other ways
Kazuma :Do you Know that guy? He always bullies people less powerful.

Subaru: I know him,he is a friend,but,he acts like a wasp.
by stillnotclicked December 6, 2020
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