A bee that stings like crazy, comes out in august and september. Real agressive
Raid wouldnt do it, I had to use a bee bomb to kill the fuckin wasps
by Snakes on Plane September 17, 2006
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1) abbv. - White Anglo Saxon Protestant

2) abbv. - Washington State Patrol.
1) The Pewterschmidts on family guy are Wasps.
2) I got nailed going 10 over on I5 by a Wasp.
by kosheje May 13, 2006
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White Anglo Superior Prick.

1. A person who will get OUT of the shower to take a piss.
2. A person who worries about dumb ass shit
3. Square
4. A pest
Honey, come inside and look at me in my new panties from Victoria's Secret.

I can't right now luv muffin, I've got to Armor All the mud flaps on the Hummer.

Oh My God Stanley! You are such a WASP!
by Hasbro July 07, 2006
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The WhiteAnglo-SaxonProtestant motherfuckers who still own and run everthing in the country, now with latent prejudice- instead of celebrated belittling of "sub-humans". Enslaved the blacks, kept Jews and Catholics out of their hierarchy and organizations. Made life hell for the Irish Poles Asians Greeks Mexicans ..... any one who is not a WASP. They are pretty good at getting those "below" them in hating each other as well.
Some WASP told me my last name didn't sound American.
by Alpino July 10, 2008
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Women Airforce Service Pilots, WASP, the first women in history trained to fly American military aircraft. These are some hardcore ladies. Flew in WWII and then got pushed under the carpet by generals like Hap Arnold.
Thirty-eight WASP lost their lives while serving their country as military pilots, their bodies sent home in cheap pine boxes at the expense of their family or friends. These heroic women pilots were denied any military benefits or honrs--no gold stars in the window--not even so much as an American flag to drape their coffins.
by Jake July 16, 2004
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A folded up peice of paper that is used to shoot people via rubber band. These are usually used in schools to annoy the hell out of people. The name wasp comes from the sharp stinging sensation it causes when it hits your skin. They are made by folding a scrap of paper about four times and putting it on a rubber band between your fingers and shooting it off.
Boy 1: OWWWW!
Boy 2: What was that?
Boy 1: I dont know but I think someone just wasped me.

John: Hey look! Someone left a bunch of wasps on the floor!
Bob: Lets use them to shoot people!
by bingo382 June 15, 2010
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White Anglo-Saxon Protestant

But nowadays we can leave the P off because it doesn't always apply. Catholics are becoming WASPy as hell because they have climbed up the socioeconomic ladder. Fairfield County is known for being WASPy yet most of the population is Catholic.
St. Francis Catholic church is the WASPiest church on earth.
by Willerr June 10, 2007
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