Italian sports car manufacturer, creators of the Miura, Countach, Diablo, and Murciélago, among many others. Now owned by Volkswagen AG.
Despite not being racebred like Ferrari, Lamborghini has built some of the fastest and most beautiful cars in the world.
by K-Juice March 15, 2005
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An Italian Exotic famous for it's sleek, ominous styling and scissor doors. The Lamborghini is twice superior than Ferrari with a price tag of about half as much. Also voted #1 car of the 20th century by DuPont Registry magazine.
Nice Ferrari 360 Spyder man. Too bad you could have got 2 Lamborghini Diablos for the same cost and beat that Ferrari with either Lambo!
by Matthew Calkins May 13, 2005
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A car that gets you all da hoes
the car in the gif is 100% a lamborghini and not a ferrari
by Ozzy The Gamer Dog October 29, 2020
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Very fast, exotic, super duper sexy, Italian cars. Because Italians make the best and sexiest cars. The Lamborghini logo contains a bull representing for its power and agility. Sexy azz car!!
I was rollin' down da street in my super fly Lamborghini
by Nataly4everCS May 4, 2007
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An Italian sports car manufacturer founded by Ferrccio Lamborghini that started out making tractors. It is often shortened to Lambo and Ghini by people who have no respect for the heritage of the car and often can't afford them in the first place. Makers of the what was the first production mid-engined super car the Miura, Lamborghini's current line is the Gallardo LP-560 (plus a spyder aka convertable version and a Superleggera or superlight), the Murcielago LP-640 (also comes in a spyder) and the the ultra-rare ultra expensive Reventon.
Lamborghini has come along way from making tractors to the 350GT and the Miura, and the Gallardo and Murcielago.
by schmitz3 August 24, 2010
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