Beverly Hills of the East Coast. Ultimate prep town. Swarmed by rich kids, rich people, expensive stores, über-ridiculous cars, and whatnot.
People in Winter Park are so rich, they use $100 bills to wipe the windshields of their Hummers.
by KRHimself December 15, 2003
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A city on the outskirts of Orlando, highly overrated, full of petty suburban moms and rich brats
by byebyebye99 November 5, 2017
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Playground and resting place for Orlando's old money. 1.5$ million an acre, brick streets, big trees and lots of lakes. Home of the racquet club, Park Avenue, Concours de Elegance, and the country clubby Rollins College. Laid back as only a complete lack of financial concern could bring.
A guy on Winter Park Crew is hosting a party, tell everyone to get in their air nautiques and head over to his million dollar boathouse, and remember it's the one on the right, the one on the left is his dad's...
by the park July 22, 2005
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After you fuck a girl, you put your cum in a cup, and then you piss it, and then she has to drink it.
Dang nizzle, after I cummed all over face, I put it in the cup and that bitch did the Winter Park Gelati.
by Da Watcher May 12, 2004
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the north side of winter park that is over run with cats and crack heads
i hope that crack head didn't masturbate on that cat in ghetto winter park O.O
by hitler resurected January 2, 2009
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A general term relating to any crew team that rows in the winter, and travels to various national parks. When traveling, they compete with other "winter park" teams. Can be used as a negative term as well.
Jane: "What? You only try half the time like a winter park crew team?"
Bob: "I suppose so. I am a lazy, irresponsible, and can't commit to anything it seems."
by TMunsta January 4, 2010
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