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(adj.) having the demeanor of a stereotypical (American) White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant (abbrev WASP).

The stereotype of WASPs is that they have high social status and a disproportionate amount of political power.


A white guy of English and Protestant background who was raised in a $15-million mansion in a place like Darien, Connecticut, or Atherton, California, and whose father was a senator and grandfather a governor; whose family has lived in the States for 30 generations; and whose entire family attended Ivy-League or Ivy-League-caliber universities. This guy is a quintessential WASP.

Someone who is WASPy is someone who comes across as this sort of person.

One need not be a WASP in order to be WASPy. A WASP refers to any American who is white and of English and Protestant heritage, so even a poor, degenerate meth head in Appalachia could be a WASP. Rather, someone who is WASPy is simply someone who seems to fit the WASP stereotype.

For example:
Many Americans would consider the Kennedys WASPy even though their religious background alone precludes them from the designation of WASPs, as the Kennedys are Catholic.
-Dude, the best part of trivia night last Thursday was when that really WASPy guy named all the Ivy League schools in like two seconds.
-I know. I feel like such a lowlife. I'd never even heard of Dartmouth before, and I thought the University of Pennsylvania was a public school.
by LeRichard May 25, 2018
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An abbrevation for White Anglo-Saxon Prostestant. Basically it refers to a place that has no coulored people.
Man, that school is so waspy. They only have like 2 black kids and an Asian.
by WaspyTownKid101 April 04, 2010
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Stuck up, rich white girl, might have daddy issues, leads guys on for personal pleasure, typically a sorority girl specifically Alpha Delta Pi
Chad: Well shucks Brad you totally smashed that ADPI last night didn't you?
Brad: No she just got me drunk and took my wallet and stole my credit card. Shes so waspy.
by ADPIWasps April 23, 2019
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