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to dispatch with alacricity; to take care of with gusto
I'm all over it (finsihing that project)
As soon as they found the leftover cake, they were all over it
by Mandingoe July 17, 2003
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an old flame or crush that still burns many years later

Similar to 'torch song', a romantic song of heartbreak.
I still carry a torch for her fifteen years later. Even though we were only together for two weeks. Remembering her laughing eyes and all we said...
As all my thoughts of her pass 'fore my face a thousand times
The way they race my heart... I cannot say it all in lines
by Mandingoe February 13, 2008
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1. any nasty fight between women, not necessarily involving physical violence

2. two women fighting. Often involving manuvures men would consider out of bounds e.g. pulling hair, scratching, etc.

3. the male fantasy of two women ripping each others clothes off. Combines the pleasure of multiple strippers, wrestling, and novelty for free. What's not to like?

4. the most sexist/sexiest TV commercial of recent memory in which two models strip down to their lingerie in a pool at a fancy restaurant in less than one minute.
The cat fight commercial was Kitana Baker's ticket to fame. She tore off the "Tastes Great" babe's top in one swipe.
by Mandingoe June 9, 2004
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some one from Wisconsin
If the Vikings lose on Monday, there will be a lot of happy cheddarheads.
by Mandingoe June 8, 2004
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Civil liberties are protections from the power of governments. Examples include:
* freedom of speech,
* freedom of the press,
* freedom of assembly,
* freedom of unwarranted searches by the government,
* trial by jury, and even
* freedom to own an AK.
That's OK, you can have my civil liberties Mr. Ashcroft. I wasn't using them anyway. At least I still have my AK.
by Mandingoe August 5, 2004
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The right rear seat of a car.
Driver "Let's hit the road."
Teen 1 "Shotgun!"
Teen 2 "Cobain!"
by Mandingoe May 23, 2004
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