The underage drinking and weed capitol of the country. Where Dispatch and Dave Matthews are the anthems, and pink polos, lobsters and Lilly are the uniform. Every kid attempts to be ghetto at one point or another but Norwalk is the last place you will ever find them. FCers as freshman can drink college seniors under the table.
Chip and Bunny live in Fairfield County.
by Greenwich Pride April 6, 2005
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im lovin how no one writing definitions for this place live in it. First off, it is pretty rich, i'll give u that, but that doesnt mean that everyone's extremely stuck up. So what if my family owns auddis and a lexus, doesnt mean im goin to go around showing off the fact that i do. But sadly, we do have a few people who are like that, but no one likes them anyway. And there's also a good number of kids who are not popped collar stuck up preppy kids. And yes, houses are ridiculously overpriced around here, especially around the beaches. Also, we do have quite a lot of underage drinking, but when u have easy access, y not.
Always a drinking party somewhere, and if not, drive somewhere else to find one.
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Very wealthy county, a regular contender for the the title of richest county in America. Yes, there are a lot of rich stuck ups in towns such as Westport, Greenwich, etc, but contrary to popular opinions not everyone from fairfield county wipes their ass with 20 dollar bills. Many people, even in towns like Fairfield and Danbury and especially in South Norwalk and Bridgeport, work hard and don't live like movie stars. And also, stop pretending you'll get pulled over in Fairfield or Westport or basically anywhere else in Fairfield county because you're from Bridgeport. If you get pulled over or arrested, its because you're doing something stupid...not because we're haters.
The only way anyone has ever gotten money is by working for it. Don't just bitch about how we have more money then you. Get off your ass and work.
by funkenflash August 6, 2005
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"The Best Place on Earth"

Fairfield County is in southwestern CT, and gives the state its rep for being rich rich rich. It contains some of the wealthiest towns and communities and the country, and some of the wealthiest and snobbiest people. However, those who live here love it, the F.C. isn't a place...its a lifestyle. Think yacht clubs, country clubs, beach clubs....prep schools, the best public schools....$$$
THE F.C. = $$$ and is the place to be...
by F.C. resident April 4, 2005
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I don't understand half of the garbage written up here. Yes Fairfield County has some rich towns including Greenwich, Westport, New Canaan, etc.... but if you're not in one of those huge town you're not surround by million dollar homes or anything close to that. Sure we have alot of preppy kids who know how to use daddy's credit card better than they can spell their name, but we also have kids that have had jobs since they were 15, had to buy their own car, pay their own insurance like any other kid in any other county. Just because there are SOME towns that are wealthy doesn't mean everyone here is stuck up, snobby, and rich. We work hard for what we have and the majority of us don't think of ourselves as better than anyone else because we know just how hard our parents work and we do the same. Don't stereotype everyone in Fairfield County because of a few rich town where you can find a stereo-typical rich snob.
Parts of Fairfield County:

Greenwich, Westport, New Canaan, Etc = Lots of Money

Bridgeport, Norwalk, Stratford, Shelton, Trumbull, etc = Places where people still work hard to make a living, pay their mortgage, teach their children the value of the a dollar and make them work to have their own car. Sure there are some nicer homes in any town, but it's no different than any other town anywhere else
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One of the U.S.'s most afluent counties which is located in Southwestern Connecticut bordering westchester county, across the long Island Sound it borders on Long Island. It contains many wealthy people including the Sachs from Goldman Sachs, Gene Wilder, Martha Stewart, and the list is extremely long. It contains Bridgeport which is where all the minorities live and has actually improved financially over the past few years as has norwalk. Contrary to popular belief Stamford IS ALSO a very wealthy city except for its southern district. Stamford cotains area code 06903 which borders Bedford and Pound Ridge NY, Greenwich, and New Canaan. This area code is the most afluent in the area.
You only wish you could live in Fairfield County.
by Jake S June 4, 2005
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Certain parts, rediculously wealthy, other parts... not so much, but not exactly "roughin it" either. Good public schools, but don't need em, cause they send their kids to kent, exeter, deerfield, hotckiss, avon... you know, prep skewl. Like the richer version of northern westchester new york, if its imaginable. Country Clubbers, popped collars, soccer moms driving M3s, and stalling em out cause they can't drive stick. Shag haircuts, foxy females, suprisingly, not out spokenly cocky, but still carry themselves in an obnoxious fashion. no one uses their turn signal either. not even the cops
by big LL March 3, 2005
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