When someone is very obviously and flamboyantly gay, but they completely deny any homosexual tendencies. Just like if a person were to hide under a carpet, it's very obvious that they are hiding and are doing a completely insufficient job. They are fooling no one.
Gay: "So, I heard you are gay..."
Under the Carpet: "Nooo! Why would you think that. I like

Gay: "Bi?"
Under the Carpet: "whaAttt?"
Gay: "Don't lie to me. I've heard stories."
Under the Carpet: "Whaaat?! Noooo. Nu-uhhh."
Gay: "Oh come onnnnn, you are so gay!"
Under the Carpet: "y....N....no..."
by theknownunknown October 8, 2009
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Used to describe the bulge of a mans crotch when penis is erect. See: trouser tent

Origin comes from the old joke of laying new carpet and then finding the budgie missing and a lump under the carpet.
Hey look! Neville's got a budgie under the carpet.
by Elijah S April 14, 2004
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The closest of friends. Someone who would sleep under the carpet with you when you had no blanket.
by Nut guy June 4, 2020
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