In modern usage it refers to anyone of English descent. In historical terms it describes the Germanic invaders from Saxony, and lower Denmark who invaded England shortly after the retreat of Rome from Britannia. Anglo-Saxon people tend to be members of the Anglican Church (Church of England) but this is not always true. Though England is part of the United Kingdom, the other "home nations" of the U.K. are inhabited by the descendats of Celts, not by Anglo-Saxons. This is why only English people are referred to as Anglo-Saxon.
Only people of English descent are Anglo-Saxon.
by DarcyL. July 6, 2006
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Nordic peoples who make up the majority of ancestors for the English race, main features are golden hair and blue eyes. They replaced the Welsh as the dominant power in Britian. The real Master Race, not Germans.
Raj-England is populated by British people.
Ed-England belongs to Anglo-Saxons.
by Wulfgar May 14, 2008
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The Germanic-speaking descendants of three tribes, the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes, who came from Denmark, northwestern Germany, and Holland, who settled in what are now England and southern Scotland in the fifth century, displacing the native Celts. Though they had close cultural ties with Scandinavia, they were on the recieving end of the Viking Raids from 793 to 1066, when the Anglo-Saxon government (now mostly under the control of Vikings) was annihilated by the Normans, a powerful group of French-speaking Vikings.
Beowulf is a notable example of Anglo-Saxon verse.
by El_Haggis September 12, 2006
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One of descent from England, but no-where else (not even other parts of the united kingdom) who can trace his or her mitochrondric DNA to either the anglo mitochrondric eves or the saxons mitochrondric eves. Basically, if your family lived in England before 1066, you are of anglo-saxon descent. This label is NOT extended to Normans. Simply being pre-plantagenet is not enough to be considered anglo-saxon.
Many people who believe they are white anglo-saxons are infact, not.
by Gumba Gumba August 5, 2004
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The result when 'white' met 'bred'
I'm glad I'm not anglo-saxon...
by Moses July 14, 2004
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An Anglo Saxon is a person that descents of Germanic tribes and that inhabits the British isle, notably England. Vast numbers of Anglo Saxons also migrated to the US so they could spread their 'culture' there as well, only after they had murdered the indigenous population. Examples of Anglo Saxon cultural achievements are chavs, Wayne Rooney and Marmite.

Anglo Saxons often have pinkish or ruddy faces which is a result of a serious lack of pigmentation. They are a lot like albinos, though different in the sense that their limbs apparently do not magically cure all kinds of diseases
The anglo saxon was so pink he looked like a strawberry flavoured mentos
by nedrey December 23, 2009
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A meaningless term, normally used by morons, idiots, dimwits and dorks, to refer to Anglo-Saxons, revealing a lack of intelligence and mental creativity in the person who says it. Initially used as a term in the mid to late 1980s by Kempke when his English teacher was discussing Anglo-Saxons, wherefor he turned to Skoudas and said laughingly, "Anglo-Saxon Saxaphone! Anglo-Saxon Saxaphone!"
Kempke, laughing, and with a red face, turned his half-hearted attention away from the teacher to face Skuodas and in a hardly concealed voice, whispered loudly, "Anglo-Saxon saxaphone! Anglo-Saxon saxaphone!"
by P'tainz October 6, 2010
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