Word's that teachers make up to fill in space on exams.
lower socioeconomic.. higher socioeconomic..
by crazycurlykelly June 11, 2008
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A way to say you are poor or don't have a lot of money, used in the videogame Ratchet and Clank.
Plumber: The escape transports are takin all the rich folks off this god darn planet!
Ratchet: Why aren't you on one?
Plumber: Socioeconomic disparity.
Ratchet: What?
Clank: He hasn't got enough Bolts.
by TheRatchetandClankfan January 21, 2014
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Black people

Common roundabout way of talking about black-on-X crime and its perpetrators, while shifting blame on "socioeconomic factors" and "systematic racism forcing people to do X".
Recently a slew of jewelry stores in New York City got robbed, socioeconomic factors are blamed for this spike in theft.
by freethememes September 27, 2022
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It's a social fact that no neocons, or extreme right wing adict can accept, because they're commited to think a little bit more about the social scenery in which they live. This social fact can be explained as a unequal distribution of social opportunities, where individual socioeconomic status/background has a real influence and determines which of them you are able to reach
USA can be characterized as a very unequal society, because there is a high level of socioeconomic inequality between the uppper 1% and the rest of people
by chilean social researcher January 11, 2012
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A bullshit term used by communist liberals to say that people that are not communsits are bad because they are "increasing socioeconomic inequality". Socioeconomic inequality IS NOT A BAD THING. True socioeconomic equality is COMMUNISM, where no matter how much you work your ass off you get the same amount of stuff as a someone who does no work at all. Socioeconomic inequality exists because some people in this world work hard, and some are lazy. People who say it is a bad thing are communists.
Most people think that socioeconomic inequality is a bad thing, when really it's not.
by Mattalonsas July 9, 2004
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