Anacronymal abbreviation of "Wealthy, Anglo-Saxon Protestant", used to describe rich, conservative (but often liberal) Anglo-Germanic descendants in the United States. Has origins in the Newport Gilded Age of the early 20th century, but has expanded as a description of such persons throughout the U.S.

The most striking example of WASP habitat are the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts, where solidly affluent communities border small, devastated and ghetto-ridden cities.

Sometimes understood to be "White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant" but also considered redundant.
The WASP, Allison Banks, was raised in Kenilworth, IL, is attending Sarah Lawrence College, and, at age 21, has a fully intact hymen.

Hester Bessleston is a WASP and enjoys flying his vintage Beechcraft from his estate in Westport, CT to his identical one 60 miles away, in East Hampton, NY.
by BurkeDennings August 14, 2005
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A person who is affulent and exudes class and clean cut-ness, if that means being preppy and belonging to yacht and country clubs than so be it.
Charlotte York is a WASP (before she converted)
by Carolyne July 08, 2006
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by sjhcbdshakubf April 20, 2018
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a nightmare feuled hell spawn that, depending on the species, can smell your fear, remember your face after stinging you, paralyze you, release a venom that eats your skin or a pheromone that attracts other waps to keep stinging you, make your childhood fears from Alien come true, hunt you by scent, have you experience some of the worst pain imaginable like that of a bullet ant, or just attack you because it’s a motherfucking wasp.
G1: Yo dawg heard what happened to som kid named Barry?
G2: Nah man what happened?
G1:Barry got stung by a wasp and now has to live his whole life in pain.
G2: Damn son...
by awesome_kitty July 10, 2018
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A fellow regarded as arrogant and snobby. Typically one who is eligible to wear such impressive winter gear such as deerstalker hats, cowboy hats, plain skullcaps and overcoats and scorns any guys who wear winter jackets and either go bareheaded or wear pansy headgear such as pompom snow hats or baseball caps. So called because their attitude resembles that of a typical "White Anglo Saxon Protestant," snobby and condescending.
"Coach Stillman and Nathan are such WASPS, always trampling us just because they wear impressive headgear and overcoats while we wear winter jackets and go bareheaded," said Robert and Hayden.

Todd is quite the WASPtowards Tom, just because Todd wears impressive headgear and an overcoat while Tom either goes bareheaded or wears a pompom snowcat or baseball cap and a winter jacket. Once Todd even slapped the letter U and the number 3 on Tom's bare head; what a WASP!

Gary is also quite the WASP towards poor Jim, especially when he sees Jim lose his pompom snow hat in winter.
by JMC70 March 16, 2019
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The 80' Metal band, Founded by Blackie Lawless, born on 1956, former member of New York Dolls, Sister, London and Circus Circus. The name "W.A.S.P." most likely stands for "We Are Sexual Perverts"!
This name W.A.S.P. could be another trick by Blackie Lawless, even you can deny the dots through them and call it Wasp. Blackie Lawless said it once: "Wasps are the only flying insects that can live after they sting"! Wheares you can link it to manys like: We Are Satan People, We Are Sex Prophets, We Ain't Sure Pal, We Aim Sick People and etc, but likely it's We Are Sexual perverts!
by Nima Lawless March 05, 2006
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