"White Anglo Saxon Protestant". The most common place for W.A.S.P.s would be New England. Smart, witty, posh, classy, old money, top of the social chain, good looking, country club members, nonchalant, old school, boat owners, capable of outdoing anyone on anything, original prep (none of this new popped-collar, tacky pearls, and ribbons), boat shoes, Polo's, Lacoste, scandelous in private, small stature.
There are two types of people who go to country clubs:
People who let you know that they attend a country club, and those who you had no idea because they don't go about telling everyone. We call those people w.a.s.p.s.

"Wow, you should be in a porno."
"No, I can't do that."
"Why not?"
"Because I'm a w.a.s.p."
by C1 January 19, 2006
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An awesome 80's hair/heavy metal band from L.A., influenced
and musically similar to hard rock/heavy metal band KISS, due to the similar influences of W.A.S.P.'s frontman and later guitarist Blackie Lawless and KISS's lead guitarist and backup vocalist Paul 'Ace' Frehley. Some of the best known songs by W.A.S.P. : I wanna be somebody, my wicked heart, wild child, L.O.V.E. Machine.
W.A.S.P. was speculated to stand for "We Are Satan's People", but was denied by the band.
Band itself stated that it's just W.A.S.P. and it doesn't mean anything.
Some stupid priest who had nothing better to than shit-talk about yet another metal band and accuse them for satanism, put W.A.S.P. under a spotlight because of their unusual stage performance and makeup.
Church always accuses metal bands (WASP, KISS) who are named in an acronym, or have songs whose titles consit either of: heaven, hell, devil, bible, etc, but avoid to notice what the illiterate hip-hop bastards ("artists")produce and what kind of message do they send to people with their "music".
by starchild007 March 31, 2006
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A small buzzy insect, that scares many people. Buuzzzz....
Oh my fucking gawd! theres a wasp! Argggghhhhhh!
by bullet_theory July 05, 2005
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pointless wankers with no purpose in life but to annoy people, much like humans.
by Anonymous September 15, 2003
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White Anglo-Saxon Protestant.

a. A descendant from English ancestors who was born in America.
b. A typically affluent Connecticut resident.
c. Someone who thinks most catholics are a bunch of blind sheep.

The rich WASP from Connecticut can think for himself. He doesn't need a money/power hungry church to tell him how to live.
by think May 06, 2003
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White Anglo-Saxon Papist. Used by former WASPs who have "swum the Tiber" or "Poped," and who then notice that you don't suddenly become Italian when you do so. Some may object to this usage of WASP, but it accords completely with the fact that WASP-hood is not so much an ethnic identity as a cultural one. The late William F. Buckley, Jr., for example, was a quintessential WASP in nearly every respect. The usage also accords with the WASP delight in wordplay. Some use the term WASC, which is an equally effective acronym, but less fun and hence, less WASP.
When I became Catholic, I made all my Catholic friends nervous with my constant use of wacky nicknames and frequent cracking of verbally complex jokes, so I realized I was now a White Anglo-Saxon Papist; once a WASP, always a WASP.
by Guthlac A February 21, 2010
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