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it means not giving a damn about someone or something.

also means that you're better than another person.
man, I piss on that little Wap, he's not even worth my time.
by KRHimself August 2, 2004
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Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
i took a flight from MCO to SEA.
by KRHimself September 12, 2004
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a phrase made redundant because "shiitake" means mushroom in Japanese, there for it doesn't mean "Japanese mushroom;" it actually translates into "mushroom mushroom."
1: What does shiitake mushroom mean?
2: Dude, it means "mushroom mushroom."
1: No seriously, what the fuck is shiitake??
2: Just shut your ass.
by KRHimself September 5, 2005
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A flat, beret-like hat that Vladimir Lenin used to wear back in the day. Still worn by Communists and non-Communists who simply like the style.
Lenin hats actually look pretty cool.
by KRHimself December 23, 2004
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(Noun-Verb) - To run directly into your offensive lineman's rear end so violently that it in turn causes the quarterback to misplace the pigskin out of his hands and onto the ground ultimately causing a fumble.
Mark Sanchez is the pioneer of the Buttfumble.
by KRHimself December 30, 2013
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Fear No Conservatives.

Fox News Channel has never met a Republican they didn't like.
by KRHimself April 4, 2004
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