Originated from the word whacky; short for whack.

1 Something stupid.

2 Something that isn't interesting.

3 Something that is uncool.
1 "That kid is wack as hell."

2 "I think that show is wack."

3 "Tell your brother that he is too wack to get in this ride"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 20, 2007
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A word that describes Ja Rule, The Diplomats, Benzino, P. Diddy, Nelly, Pastor Troy and Snoop's new shit.
Tha radio plays nothing but wack shit.
by Omega Death November 25, 2003
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Wack, an african american slang word, oftenly used to replace "shit, bad, horrible, not cool, stupid" and any other generally negative words.

Wack, the sound something makes when such an object is either hit or is used to hit another object.

Wack, used to replace "place, put, drop"
"Dude, thats wack"
"Damn, this is wack"

As Kiwi hits Flamin over the head with a baseball bat repeatedly the room goes dark, all you can hear is a repetitive "wack, wack, wack" followed by a cry of pain.

"Just wack it there"
"Wack some of that sauce on my burger, thanks"
by Not Kiwi January 13, 2010
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this is a two meaning word and the context can change the meaning.

wack can mean something that is a lame, wanabe thats just nuts. "who said were wack? you take it back"

but it can also be used in the concept of dope or sick "man that is wack, where did you get it!"
negative: "your dancing is as wack as your dumb haircut fool"

positive:"man thats wack how did you do that!"
by wackmeister g May 18, 2009
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You see a penguin behaving in a strange manner:
'Yo man that Penguin is wack!!!'
by WaSpY September 23, 2004
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Did you hear about that kid that jumped off the bridge?

Yea that's wack lol
by Axystaff October 20, 2018
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