means anything thats Not cool or something thats Really cool
how cool, I just got fired for my job: (not cool)

I just found 20dollars, how cool: (really cool)
by malcweezy March 29, 2010
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how to be cool most people think being cool is thinking that theyre all that no being cool is being smart, but nice and bubbly at the same time. you have to impress people with your smartness (if you ARE smart) don't be stupid like those nerdy losers who are like "RANDOM IS COOL!" no randomness is lame and people will HATE you for it and will find you VERY annoying.
if you want to be cool, you have to look pretty a few ways to do that is:
1. shop good. urban outfitters, forever 21, and other cool stores are where you should be.
2. KEEP YOUR HAIR NICE! people with good hair are usually cool. wash it EVERY day, and if it's dark, make sure it's reallly pretty. straightening hair always looks best.

3. know people. meet people in your classes and be friends with them. the average teenager is attracted to beautiful people, of the same and opposite sex, so don't worry it's natural to want to be friends with a pretty girl or a pretty boy.

4. appeal to the popular crowd. you have to know what your talking about and keep up on current events.
5. BE FUNNY popular girls and guys always love it when someone can make them laugh. but make sure 1) your humor is actually FUNNY 2) you dont look like you're trying too hard to be funny 3) do NOT repeat jokes to the same people. that will DEFINATELY get annoying and trust me people will hate it.

good luck ;)
examples of how to be cool

person 1: wow she is so funny!
person 2: ya she is so cool
person 3: and she's so pretty!


person 1: is tyler your friend?
person 2: ya he's cool.


person 1: do you like kristen?
person 2: ew no she's annoying
by dontquestionme October 24, 2009
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