When Pure MDMA is accompanied by other drugs like Coke, Heroin, etc. Often coke or heroin sometimes something else.
Hey you got an molly?
Molly and her friends?
Nah she's alone
by crisploris March 13, 2012
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Pure MDMA. Few people know that Molly/Mollie and her friends actually originated in the NYC high-end and ultra exclusive club scene in the late 90s early 2000s and because of a girl named Mollie/Molly who loved pure MDMA. The fact people think it's about something molecular and molecule is damn funny. The story must have changed somewhere between coasts. This is a fact and not at all fiction. Mollie and her friends... yes, other drugs accompanying pure MDMA but also because she was never alone. She always brought lots of friends with her, so no one could bang her and she was taken care of while rolling. Not a dumb one and real nice.

Mollie and her friends usually means pure MDMA, alcohol and coke.
"Mollie and her friends hit the dance floor and put on a show last night."

"Holy shit, man. She was rolling hard."

It's Friday night house music, where's Mollie and her friends?
by DJDaveNYC August 4, 2017
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Your hand and fingers used in jacking off
George W.-my wife left me
Cheney-its ok you still got sally palms and her 5 friends..and if you get real bored i can help
by superman(airedales) December 4, 2008
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Crowd Favorites
Brittany and Her Friends - Crowd Favorites
by July 7, 2022
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a usually fat bitch who is friends with a baddie your after she will never let you talk to the baddie

because that would take attention off her
by wesleybyrd666777 May 21, 2023
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