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Also known as a "body shot". It requires a female partner. A shot glass of tequila is held in the woman's cleavage,you lick her neck and sprinkle salt on it, and place a lemon wedge in her mouth (rind in).Then, lick the salt off, grab the shot glass with your teeth and do the tequila, then bite the lemon in a cinematic kiss. instant manliness.
"Hay babe, ever tried the shiver shot.....you'll get the shiver.....I'll get the shot.
by redstar69 September 27, 2007

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the offspring of a white and black person
Example: "(during the ultra-sound of newborn)"

(blind)Mr.Brown: wait ur white!
Ms.Brown: Yes
(blind)Mr.Brown: Shitt! our sons gonna be wack!
by redstar69 July 26, 2007

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