An especially fine woman's butt.
So ladies (yeah), ladies (yeah)
If you wanna role in my Mercedes (yeah)
Then turn around
Stick it out
Even white boys got to shout
Baby got back

All credit humbly given to Sir-Mix-a-Lot
by baby got it goin' on February 13, 2004
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A reference to the buttocks, usually referred to woman who have a bigger than normal ass.
"Daaaammmnnnnn, baby got back!"
by Alex A. February 19, 2003
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A back is a non-alcoholic drink served alongside a shot. Backs are also sometimes called chasers. Sometimes a small beer served alongside a shot is considered a back.
Gimme a shot of whiskey with a coke back.
by Learn to Swim August 12, 2008
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Being awesome, feeling awesome, or doing somthing awesome.
example 1
Dude 1."Dude i just smoked that blunt"

Dude 2."How do you feel"

Dude 1."I feel fuckin back!"

example 2: "Holy shit i just caught a fly! im fuckin back!!
by 606 Brick squad big joe November 30, 2010
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Support. A term used to describe backup.
"Oh, snap! Don't mess wit dat busta! He got crazy back!"
by NT June 14, 2003
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a back is a very useful part on the male human body which is very good for scratching up during sex while you have multiple orgasms.
sid: dude, my girl fucked me back up

ricky: thats awesome

sid: yeah, that means i did good.
by mandythestoner October 3, 2004
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