Hip hop artists (MCs, DJs, B-boys, etc) who are typically aspiring and full of themselves, yet their style is an insult to real hip hop because it (1) copies another artist's style, (2) is mainly driven by commercial aspirations, or (3) is basically incompetent with no hope of improving. Wack = weakly executed flashy moves in place of true substance.
Even the wackest rapper can be a commercial success with a major label behind him.
by psychicoctopus August 7, 2004
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wack is like crazy but it can also mean weird or unbelievable(in a bad way).
"bro john dyed his hair purple"
"thats wack"
"nope im being fr"

"johns project is wack"
"lmao yeah"
by wacKosix9 October 14, 2019
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adj,'publicly decreed to be not very good by those of taste and distinction. That which makes an effort to achieve the approbation of the cultural vanguard but fails due to a lack of authenticity'

The word is of uncertain etymology. It first emerged from the highly non-standard forms of ebonics used by New York rappers in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
Because Kriss Kross, is wiggedy wiggedy wack! (Kriss Kross, 'Jump', 1992)

...cuz it's a fact if you wack, you ain't sayin' jack! (Gangstarr, 'Check The Technique', 1991)
by Dan Bowen March 13, 2008
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bad,not good. sometimes used in freestyle battlin'.
"you're shit was wack!"
by brixx May 24, 2005
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used prodominently by the mafia - to kill; to kill without notice of others
Nicky and Tony wacked the drug lord
by Billko July 7, 2005
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Originated from the word whacky; short for whack.

1 Something stupid.

2 Something that isn't interesting.

3 Something that is uncool.
1 "That kid is wack as hell."

2 "I think that show is wack."

3 "Tell your brother that he is too wack to get in this ride"
by +Skep'tiKaL- March 21, 2007
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basically describing someone or something as crazy. but saying wack because it is more fun than crazy.
Bro, did you see Carey's hair today?
Yeah, it's wack.
by Rewels June 19, 2019
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