An amazing guy who is sweet and quiet. He likes to joke around with girls and make them laugh. He might have someone who he is in a thing with but he has a deep love for someone else. Cj will help you through your problems and give you the most love. He has this cute smirk that will make your pants fly off.
"Holy who was that guy you were talking to last night?"
"That was Cj he was the best."
by oimnoone June 7, 2015
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CJ is a great guy. He tends to come off as an asshole, but people are wrong, once you really get to know him he is kind and gentle. He hangs out with a lot if girls but he is focused only on one. He doesnt like talk about how he feels, but if he is in to you, he'll open up. Dont ever let your CJ go!!
Girl: I was talking to cj earlier, he is so funny
Guy: really?! I think he is rich and honestly an a hole
Girl: maybe u just dont know him well, u cant judge people so quickly
Guy: yea ur right, sorry
by Hehe, yall dont know me December 31, 2020
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a sorta badass kid thats sorta nice but an ahole at the same time
kid 1 oh thats CJ
kid 2 oh hes a badass u know
by omfgbrobeo April 12, 2019
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The most amazing and awesome person you will ever meet. Cj's are commonly humble, and usually very kind. However, they don't take other people's bullshit, and when people rub a CJ the wrong way, ooh there's hell to pay.
Dude 1: Hey man, look at CJ over there, isn't she just awesome?
Dude 2: Yeah man, totally.
Dude 3: Hey would you consider jacking off to be a sport? If people consider fucking golf to be then yeah man.
Dude 1: What the fuck?
by Quackidydackidydack April 30, 2019
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CJ is a good looking boy. Who’s eyes you would get lost in. He only give one second chance in all cases. CJ is a sweet loving boy, but he is into fighting and would do anything for his best friends and family. He doesn’t share problems at all but is a good listener. He won’t stay for fake friends, so you’d better be nice.
by WilliamG214 October 20, 2019
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Cj is a loving, funny, flirty guy. He is very loyal, and VERY shy. Cj is in love with a girl. He will do anything for her. All he wishes is that she pays a little bit more attention to him. Then he will think she is the perfect girlfriend. Cj is also reliable. When someone has a problem, he knows and tries his hardest to make the troubled person to tell him what's wrong. He then talks to them and tries his best to fix their problems.
CJ : Nanii?!
by Z_alk November 23, 2018
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CJ is a funny guyg that really likes to joke around.He is very loving he's great to be around and everyone loves him.CJ is a very good Athlete mostly at football or basketball. CJ is a loud intergeric guy he has a amazing sweet smirk and smile that can make ur day CJ likes fighting and is very tough.Otherwise hes a great friend.
Who was that funny strong boy earlier "Oh that was CJ"
by Coreyjr September 7, 2017
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