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A CD containing vital game files and fixes for popular games such as Counter-Strike, UT2003, etc.

Must be pronouced with strong infliction, straining the voice with a pseudo ghetto rise in pitch.
Hit me up with the CS supAdISCK!
by asdf January 20, 2004
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person who makes fun of or insults someone for no good reason
by asdf May 19, 2003
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some one who makes fun or is mean to a person for no good reason
your a bagger
by asdf May 19, 2003
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A website for young Russian and European people in Chicago who want to meet new people or just a new way of communication with friends
by asdf June 15, 2004
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Anal sex with someone who hasn't eliminated their bowles yet.
Mud cutting with Sarah wasn't as fun as I had hoped.
by asdf October 15, 2003
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That mother fucker is antirandom, let's stick a dildo in his eye.
by asdf May 20, 2003
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The President of the State University of New York at Binghamton, which she insists on calling "Binghamton University" for some odd and probably pretentious reason. She spent millions of dollars building a pointless gaudy stadium while freshmen were suffering from overcrowded conditions in the dorms.
Lois DeFlowered is a French hag and should be deported back to that hygiene-deprived country.
by asdf May 24, 2004
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