-a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world

-the way you look at the world around you

-how you view the world is based off of your presuppositions
you use your worldview everyday whether you know it or not.
it is why people act the way they act.
by @nichosal September 4, 2013
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Is not the answer. You are full of shit. You don't know what other people need in their lives. AND your brainz are dumb and not as smart as my brainz.
Hym "I don't need to validate your worldview. People who validate your worldview AREN'T BETTER than people who don't. People who validate your worldview do ✌️✊️✌️deserve✌️✊️✌️ success more than people who don't."
by Hym Iam September 14, 2023
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(n.) the effort to appreciate the less-loved aspects of a person.

Derives from enjoying a pizza for its crust.
Hannah: I am working to love you for your Cereal addiction.
Mike: Thank you for taking a crust worldview.
by nolandc September 2, 2019
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A commonly held worldview that we're all the same deep down inside, and that we all strive for the same things. Typically reinforces normative values of right and wrong, yet framed as deep, revolutionary, or unique. Not necessarily bound to watchers of the soap opera genre. Generally, describes people who view everything through the lens of entertainment. Especially commonly held on Urban Dictionary and the internet at large. Usually, cannot be corrected through repeat social exposure, due to the shallow way in which those who hold these beliefs engage with others.
Sadly, many who view the world in this way seem to suffer from arrested psychological development, having the abstract thinking capabilities of an adolescent. "Mom, aren't my edgy, completely vapid opinions unique and cool?"
Brad: We all want sex deep down inside, right? We're all humans after all, or something. I think Oprah Winfrey said that one, maybe.
Asexual: Suffers in silent agony*
Brad: Say, Asexual, you're pretty cute.
Asexual: No thanks. I'm just not interested in that.
Brad: What are you, some kind of prude? Unless you ride my cock, I'm going to destroy your self-esteem! Nobody will accept you, unless you ride someone's cock!
Asexual: Well, that's the soap opera worldview for you. Repackaging the same tired filth in a kitschier way.
by just-stop April 27, 2022
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