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One who engages in any risky behavior (i.e. skydiving, motorcycling, etc.) without taking due precations and using proper safety equipment (i.e. a helmet).
Check out the dork on the 4-wheeler going over those ramps at 60, without a helmet!
by BillG July 04, 2005

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When one speaks for solely the purpose of hearing their own voice.
Sue didn't want to talk with me, she was just practicing verbal masturbation.
by BillG July 04, 2005

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An 80's Hardcore band. M.O.D. was short for Method of Destruction.
Remember M.O.D.? I think they used to be a funny band.
by BillG July 04, 2005

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When in prison: anything that does not involve the penal system.
When I get outside the first thing I'm going to do is have a rare t-bone steak, then I'm going to drink a beer and screw my girlfriend.
by BillG April 22, 2005

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abbr.: Department of Motor Vehicles.
"I've been to hell and I spell it, I spell it DMV." - Primus
by BillG April 18, 2005

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Term coined by comedian Sam Kinnison, it refers to a method for performing cunnillingus that is very effective.
I had the greatest o ever while he was down there. When I asked him what he did, he said he licked the alphabet.
by BillG July 22, 2005

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Almost always used in conjunction with a Jewish holy man. Word originally simply meant teacher.

Although it is usually used with Judaism, the word is not Hebrew, it is Greek.
We need to have little Josh circumsized, call the rabbi.
by BillG April 21, 2005

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