"Shit myself" is when you do bad at something such as a game of Cock of Duty or a game of HALER 45. You just know you fucking suck and can't help but say it.
Boy 1: YOU FUCKING SUUUUCK! *Kills other person*
Boy 2: Awwwh, I just shit myself.
by PoopyHead April 7, 2015
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to laugh harder than when you piss yourself laughing
that was hilarious , i was shitting myself laughing
by urbandic77 August 16, 2014
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A phrase used after enduring chronic diarrhea
Person 1: "That kebab last night gave me dark insides"

Person 2: "Yeah tell me about it, I shit myself empty"
by basilbrush September 2, 2008
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a common phrase used for when you ant make it to the toilet in time or farted too hard
jerry I farted but i think i just shit myself
by Jazmer12 August 4, 2022
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