I am sick, ergo I have not done my chores.
by Slacker May 23, 2003
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One of the words you will always remember from ninth grade english; it means "therefore" and ALWAYS has to be put in italics. Pronounced "air-go"
by The Vocab Man April 20, 2006
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one of the architect's limited vocabulary of complicated words, others being concordantly and vise vee
ergo i was able to program a new matrix
by neo November 14, 2003
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Ergo is a word used only by people who think they are smart, but really don't understand how to write or speak.
by Dictionaryfreak July 19, 2004
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An American slang term meaning "cool".
Man that was a really ergo move hitting me up with that 5 sack yesterday.
by beyond.glory July 21, 2008
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Ergo's, or 'Rowing Machines', are shorter terms for the compound word; Ergo-meter. These are the most evil, soul sucking, painful and physically draining contraptions ever invented. Unless you are an elite rower with the power and fitness of a Greek God of Strength, its about the 3900m mark in a 6km ergo session where you loose the will to live and you feel like your body will never recover from this agony, but you and 4 other people will be in the shed doing the same piece training for State Championships, and if your lucky and your club doesn't have aids and it's not too poor and gay to keep your super-awesome, hardcore German coach, you should be able to pull through it. But if not, your form and training goes downhill, and so does your fitness and your will to row.
"Man, I wish Stephan was still here, the club is so shit and fail now, with no one here on a full time basis to train us we lowered to the point where we have to train ourselves almost, and boat and event organization has turned to shit as well. Ah well, lets own ourselves in an Ergo session"
by Captain Greatness November 16, 2007
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