when a person is so tired they just want to retire to their bed and get some much deserved sleep
'i just wanna get ma head down for a square 12' and 'i got my head down for a square 12 hours'
by Duckcave February 21, 2007
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Term used to signify that you are really focused on your work, often used as an excuse to shoo away inquiring co-workers. Literally means you have your head down permanently affixed to your computer screen.
Go away! I'm heads down.
by ravenish June 29, 2017
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avoiding eye contact with an aquaintance in a public place.
I saw my fifth grade math teacher at Denny's and head-downed him because I didn't feel like talking.
by Christaufer Cooperharson December 14, 2009
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Following a stupid comment the person who said it must bend at the neck and look at the floor. thus putting their head down in an act of shameful embarrasement. After this the person cannot be made fun of.
man my friend said something so gay so i made him put his head down.
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An idiom that refers to giving someone preliminary news that is likely to upset or depress them in some way, so that they can prepare for it.
I thought I should give a heads-down to you about the fact that our mental health clinic has just been purchased by Jeff Bezos!
by Dr Bunnygirl July 6, 2021
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Any device such as a cell phone, iPod, or gps that causes a person to look down while driving or walking. The opposite of a heads up display.
Chuck! Quit looking at that heads down display and look me in the eye!
by flacker April 29, 2009
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A muppet walking with his/her down due to the fact they are indeed a muppet. Or have taken oart in something muppet-orientated.
Man falls over- Head Down Muppet
You loose your wallet- Head Down Muppet
by MoGG84 March 14, 2009
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