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An angel with the most amazing smile. A star that shines and brightens everyone she encounters. Happiness is her middle name - You can't fight her.....she will only win you over.

Truth is everything to Deena
This woman has done a Deena on me!
by The ManZei February 04, 2010
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A beautiful, sexy, fun caring girl. Usually likes to go out and have fun and party
Her goals are set to succeed
Can pull any men and anyone is lucky to have her.
Very good in bed and has her wild side.
She's adorable to be around sometimes a bit bitchy but is completely understandable.
Deena looks stunning like always!
by trunkfit089 November 12, 2013
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Deena is the most flexiblest girl ever! She's very funny and very kind! Also she's always happy and nothing puts a frown on her face
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by Omgitsmemo77777777 July 18, 2017
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deena is a fun loving person..who is extremely silly and well endowded
by destiny June 19, 2004
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A creation who is the result of taking fake Italian-American Snooki Polizzi and either feeding her after midnight or spilling water on her. Her Gremlin, orange-like twin who is possibly even more punchable in and around the "face" area.
Deena, ya know the other orange troll.

I accidently fed Snooki after midnight and now we have another orange oompa-loompa on our hands.
by Master Alex of the North January 15, 2011
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An desensitised soulless woman, commonly a bitch. Will rip dream an aspirations out of your heart. Most likely with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. most commonly from north east alberta. Likely a college student. Drive brightly coloured cars.
"You should be nice, instead of ring a deena."
"Don't be a deena"
by Title1111 December 11, 2012
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