Slang word for drugs. Can be shortened to "faves" as well.
I am out of party favors at the moment. Can you get me some?
by The L World December 9, 2007
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People who look similar; look alike
Tyrone sure does favor his mother. Girl, they look just alike!
by Jubie H April 24, 2006
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refering to eather a male or female giving oral sex.
can you do me a favor; I'm so nice i love doing favors for people.
by Anthony Yates November 18, 2005
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" I'm a nasty ass nigga , ask your bitch I ain't lying 69 that's a favor for a favor " - Lil Wanye
by Rawrrrrr October 30, 2013
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You screwed someone over too many times. Your a bitch.
Sorry Monty, I have favoritis and I can't come in tonight.
by LeviJackson December 22, 2018
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