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A guy who hides his heart. He will open up too you when he trusts you. If you ever break then they will never come back. Coltons are the best boyfriends you could ever have. So don't ever let them go. And if you do let them go that will be one of the biggest mistakes you have ever done. Believe me I would know.
Girl 1: hey look it's Colton!
Girl 2: I can't believe I gave him up for some asshole that cheated on me.

Girl 1:do you still miss him?
Girl 2:i don't ever stop thinking about him he was the best person that had ever came into my life and I just let him slip away.
by i,need,you,back,I'm,sorry. January 29, 2017
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He may seem kind of intimidating but he's sweet and kind and thoughtful on the inside. He has a strange sense if humor but still makes you laugh everytime. He's a great friend to have.
Colton has a beautiful smile.
by That weird brown girl January 28, 2019
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Colton an awesome person has lots of friends and can be a little douchey is an fantastic boyfriend looking to settle but will tare as s untill he finds it, great with kids, understanding, sympathic, great in bed really loves to switch it up super sexy, fit, great hair, beautiful eyes and smile you find a Colton you better never let go cause he's the best a girl can ask for
by claudia :) March 31, 2015
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A boy who makes you feel pretty
A boy who is funny,nice, and everyone loves him
A boy who looks good in walmarts shirts
A boy i should have told how I felt
He's so Colton.
by idgaggd April 07, 2012
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beautiful, auh-mazzing boy with good intentions. Makes an awesome boyfriend, the sweetest guy on earth. Has the warmest heart. No one could ever stay mad at him. He's easy to love. The most adorable boy ever.
I love me some colton. :)
by megan vanessa October 08, 2008
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