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To be a woman in Travis's world is an amazing place, to be his women is what you dreamed of! He's not fancy but never looks bad, he can wear a pair of old jeans, and a work shirt and girls stare, and want! In bed you lack nothing with Travis, he may go down and never come up for air! You want to please him but you can't stop him from pleasing you! Travis is kind, thoughtful and tougher than nails, his wit is unwordly, keeps you laughing and in amazement! If Travis is down, most people won't know, because Travis's motto is keep on going to you break then you can quit! Bravo for all the moms that brought Travis into this world. What a guy!
Joe: you gotta meet my buddy Travis!
John: well me and some friends were gonna go on a road trip.

Joe: trust me, cancel you don't wanna miss the chance to hang out with Travis!

John: really? Well what are you guys plans?
Joe: don't know, whatever we do, with Travis never fails to be a good time for all, mostly epic, never less then remarkable!

Stacy: so I heard you went out with Travis, I have to know, is it all true?

Katie: I have no words.

Stacy: really your not gonna tell me!?

Katie: yes! The answer is yes! And I feel like saying yes! Yes! Is really all I can say, and mostly what I kept saying!

Stacy: so it's true, Travis, how? Who cares it's true. Wow?
by Everygirlthatsknowntravis November 20, 2012
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Is the most caring ,kind,and funny guy ever , he's a keeper but also a best friend he's real with you and could kick ass and maybe get it too , he's a person who will talk to for real no "hi how are you " bull crap . Hes cute when he smiles and laughs and can be handsome too . He supportive in your interests and if he opens up to you he trusts you and likes you and he's not fake he's a real man , he dosent hit girls tho and he is just a real good person
Yo dude, he's so a Travis .
by Magic fox January 02, 2017
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The epitome of perfection. He's handsome and sweet, loyal and honest. He knows how to treat the ladies and possesses that Southern Charm. He loves his family, treats his mother right. He loves with all of his heart, and he's one who's impossible to forget.
"I knew a Travis once..."
"What was he like?!"
by crazedx3 January 18, 2012
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Is very cute, kind, funny, unique in every single way. If your his world you are very lucky to have someone so special by your side so incredible that words cant explain what kind of guy he is. To be a women a Travis's life is incredible.Travis is known to be very sweet. Travis is handsome and sweet, loyal and honest. Travis knows how to treat the ladies correctly. Travis loves with all of his heart, and he's one who's impossible to forget. Travis is a guy who is a keeper and also a best friend,he's a real one. He's cute when he smiles and laughs and can be handsome too . Travis is one heck of a guy. ;)
Travis I LOVE YOU<3
by Unknown10/3 June 18, 2018
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The best guy you will ever meet!

He will love you right and make any girl feel like a princess, He loves you for you and wouldn't want you any other way. When he tells you something, he means it.

He loves you right!

If you have a Travis in your life, Marry him.

You wont find anyone else like him.

The most badass, awesome, tough, scary, insane, jealous, great, moody, loud, beast.

He is very caring for those close to him, but say one word to him and he will kick your ass.


Don't mess with this mother fucker.

Travis = BEASTLY. Trav's bad assness is undeniable he is THE bad ass of all bad asses, this is why the ladies love him.

Travis is weird, the good weird, not the creeper weird.

Travis is most sarcastic, random person you'll ever come in contact with. He is hilarious, yet slightly annoying. He loves his family and he's loyal to his friends. If you are not worthy enough to have Travis like you.. be afraid, very afraid.
Travis will make you cry, and have fun doing it, cause Travis is always having fun, even when he isn't, again undeniable bad assness.

A true Travis hates Obama.
Also, he is a ninja.
Travis is a kick ass mother fucker, don't fuck with him.
by SK8FORLIFE86 October 16, 2014
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Travises are known to be very sweet people. They can seem quiet at first, but they'll become one of your favorite people once you get to know one. Travises can be kind of nerdy, but it's why everyone loves them.
"get off me, you carbon-based life form!"

Wow that kid is so awesome, he must be a Travis.
by twentysixforevaa August 20, 2010
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such a great guy. he is super cute, loud, blue eyes, energetic,always hyper,party animal and just and all around cool guy
Wow he's super cool he must be a Travis!
by cao96 December 27, 2011
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