Travis is smart, energetic, kind and extremely loyal. He will treat you right, and spoil the woman that is in his life. He is hilarious, making even the grumpiest of person gut laugh. He brightens any room he enters. However, do not fuck with this guy. If he sees injustice being done he will take it upon himself to righten the wrong. He is strong, devilishly handsome and quick on his feet making all the ladies in the room swoon and wish they were with him.

If you have a Travis in your life, you are one hell of a lucky person.
"dude do you know Travis?"

"Yeah dude, he is the coolest person I know."
by Mymymymy April 14, 2020
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Travis is one of those nigga who don’t give a dam about Nothing I mean nothing the world could be about to blow up and that nigga could care less and all he do is sleep all the time and don’t get on this nigga bad Side then it will be hell on earth. King of not giving a fuck.
If that person is lazy as hell and don’t give a fuck there is a Travis
by King of all of March 21, 2020
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Travis is a sophisticated, Loyal, beastly, handsome, freak and I’m talking in the good way (all night ladies all night) who cares very deeply for those close to him. To be with a Travis is to be on top of on top of the world. If you find this one in a million mythical creature carefully sculpted by god please marry him for your own good. Travis loves to please, however, he is not overly obsessive about being pleased. Travis may be reserved but strong, when I say strong I mean absolutely insane. Travis is the kind of guy that won’t let you split the bill, open the door or even have to get out of bed for breakfast because he will do it for you without wanting anything in return aside from love and affection. Some Travis’ may seem shy but don’t let this fool you, if they are quiet, not very outgoing and seemingly an introvert it’s because they don’t know you, but trust these types of Travis’ have the biggest personalities, they are party animals who are down for almost anything except for for something highly immoral. Travis can be the best Care Bear ever and is loyal to the very end without fault and extremely thoughtful of building a future while enjoying the present. Travis basically worships the ground you walk on if he loves you.
Stacy: oh my god Becky you remember Travis
Becky: Yeah
Stacy: he just proposed what should I say
Becky: that shouldn’t even be a question, marry him now
by _yes_daddy_choke_me January 20, 2020
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Solid father figure. Is often too hard on himself and others.hes a fucking savage. Gaurdian angel that eases the most troubled souls and leads lost children through the darkness safely. Without even lifting a finger. A heart of gold hidden beneath badassery and a brooding stern dissapointing fatherly stare.. Intentional or not your a fucking roll model and a good one people look up to you mister and your loved.

Next look up ALWAYS
Travis saved my life.
by HALIELOVESU July 25, 2019
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The name Travis symbolises a legendary male... a great mate, always there in times of need Travis's are awesome people, can be the biggest smartarses, complete jokers, Super great to hang with never be bored with a Travis.
Travis is such a funny boy!
by Anom writer. March 21, 2014
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Travises are known to be very sweet people. They can seem quiet at first, but they'll become one of your favorite people once you get to know one. Travises can be kind of nerdy, but it's why everyone loves them.
"get off me, you carbon-based life form!"

Wow that kid is so awesome, he must be a Travis.
by twentysixforevaa August 21, 2010
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A tall sexy man who is fun to be around he makes jokes about bad things but still makes you laugh he is irresistible and you will do anything to hang out with him
Who is that tall sexy hunk? Probably a Travis.
by Holly//21//& October 21, 2018
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