The illegitimate love child of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
Person 1: Man, Harrisburg is like some kind of love child between Philly and Pittsburgh.

Person 2: Yeah, that's why it's right in the middle. Joint custody.
by AngryMonkeyShow June 26, 2005
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The only city to be talked mad shit on in Jack Kerouac's "On the Road". Traveling back and forth across the whole country multiple times and Harrisburg, PA was the only place depicted as a gloomy, unfriendly shit hole.
Jack Kerouac- "It was the night of the Ghost of the Susquehanna. The Ghost was a shriveled little old man with a paper satchel who claimed he was headed for 'Canady.'...He was about sixty years old; he talked incessantly of the meals he had, how much butter they gave him for pancakes, how many extra slices of bread, he hit every Red Cross in town and showed them his World War 1 credentials; how the Harrisburg Red Cross was not worthy of the name; how he managed in this hard world...The last I saw of him was his bobbing little white bag dissolving in the darkness of the mournful Alleghenies....That night in Harrisburg I had to sleep in the railroad station on a bench; at dawn the station masters threw me out...I stumbled out of town with barely enough strength to reach the city limits. I knew I'd be arrested if I spent another night in Harrisburg. Cursed city!"
by iwantout July 11, 2008
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Capital of Pennsylvania. It's a nice place to live if you're retired or retarded.
person a: where do you live?
person b: harrisburg.
person a: i feel bad for you.
person b: (kills self)
by Suedehead June 18, 2008
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The Burg aka that city. Capital of PA and capital of gangsters. Good weed, good crack, and good hoes, an all around great place. Home of Mayor Reed for the past Million years and refuge to all those who seek a piece of city life. Divided into mad districts, everyone's from somewhere else. The hill, the brook, High point and Edgemont are all neighborhoods whose own residents would have you believe that they are different cities. No disrespect homies, they keep it real.
(walking down street)
Person: Is that T.I. I hear in the background?
Thug:(With blunt in mouth) Yea, if you don't like it, LEAVE FO I UZI YO MU'FUCKIN HOUSE! DIS HARRISBURG! ya dig?
Person: (Dipset in a minitset)

*T.I., as well as other gangster rap, is frequently played as background music in the burg. Not by people, by God.
by Dat boi jake December 9, 2007
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The capital of Pennsylvania, a place where there are a lot of drugs, money, bitches, and guns. Home of the infamous apartment complex known as The Brook.
Nicholas D: "So how's Harrisburg?"
Nick D: "It's a shit show dogg, full of pimps and hoes, people getting shot, and hardcore crack dealers who sell to little kids on the street."
Nicholas D: "Oh, sounds like you have a terrible crime problem. I'm sorry you have to live there."
Nick D: "Fuck that, bitch! It's all good in da hood. We know how to throw down."
by Nick D December 11, 2003
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Capital of Pennsylvania. Shitty one horse town with no plans to grow or develop culturally--no matter how much Mayor Reed and the pack of idiot Counsilmen claim they do.

Filled with the dregs of society whose only use in life is to serve the poor folks who have to go to that town to conduct state's business.

Populated with little kid punks (age ranging from 14 to 40) who wear their hats sideways, dress in oversized football jerseys, and drive their 1986 Tercels with the shiney rims to Eclipse or Dragonfly so they can "dance" with the skank whores from around central PA who can stick a bottle of Coors Light all the way down their throats and pull it back out empty.

And full of "G Money's" who make their living selling drugs and stealing, who don't see what a waste their lives are, but rather feel they are "representing, yo!"
Harrisburg is the only example of Harrisburg
by Cap July 2, 2004
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Very Possibly the most crappy own ever. Located east of monroe, OR, home to white trash, hobbos, small-time crooks, hippies, and, of course, the ocasional weed-head.
"whats that? you're a drunk from H-burg?"
by Werty5 June 16, 2004
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