An action that is considered bad morally, unfair or dirty. Shows disapproval of the action by the speaker.
Dude you dumped Bob on his birthday for his best friend? That's pretty low...

You kicked him in his broken leg? That's low....
by Evil Bella October 18, 2004
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The opposite of high. Comes after being really high, then you just... aren't high. That's a great contrast, so you feel low.

A form of depression that comes after being high.
What goes up... must come down.
by ~The Nameless One~ May 16, 2005
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"I'm starting to feel low. Fix me up another bowl!" - A Stoner
by SuperSonicX June 4, 2005
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term relating to heroin use; instead of getting high on scag, you get low.
by besc October 8, 2005
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short for 'allow'.
'low it' can mean leave it, forget about it, let it happen, don't argue, just do it.
person 1 - Come out tonight?
person 2 - Nah i can't, got things to do.
person 1 - Low it!
by mezyeeh. April 14, 2010
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Low is an alternative to the popular internet word "lol." It has been scientifically proven that people that use "lol" are in fact friendless losers that spend their entire life trying to earn the right to say low. Low was formed as a joke and has greatly spread. As "lol" means "laugh out loud", "low" means "Look out wall." It has been said that this definition has no real meaning, but a made up idea is that it means that since you are laughing so hard, you want to warn the wall that you might hit it. The popularity of low has grown in the last few months and things such as fan sites ( and fan clubs ( have been created. Su-Fi
Blind Optometrist: Heyy man! You won’t believe what happened to me.
Krazy Karl: dude what?!?
Blind Optometrist: I stepped in a big pile of shit today
Krazy Karl: low
Blind Optometrist: low
Krazy Karl: that was so funny
by Ethanopian March 20, 2005
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laughing out wildly or laugh out wildly. Laughing in an uncontrollable manner. In some cases one can actually have some tears coming out or even in extreme cases one can fart or pee whilst laughing, that's how crazy the laugh is..
just after someone says something hilarious you can say low instead of just lol (laugh out loud)
by Adzola April 23, 2010
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