Sexual act: using a cornetto or a cone shaped ice cream as vaginal or anal dildo and then proceeding to lick the ice cream whilst it's still inserted. AKA I scream or Icy Cream. Established by Ollie Hughes and Gabriel Cotton.
"I i screamed my wench last night, mintey!"
by cabrielgotton May 28, 2012
When you're eating Ice Cream in a cone and it melts because you were waiting too long to eat it and you feel obligated to just drink it from the cone.
When my Ice Cream melts. *I Scream*
by Default Mate May 3, 2019
Ok, I do it. I'm sure you do it. Admit it, we all plead loudly for it.
I enjoy my i-scream in a USB-waffle cone 2.0 with chocolate mini-bytes.
by Old Yeller May 29, 2008
1:when you eat ice cream to fast and you get the privilege to scream, choke or even die if you are a google click baiter
2:when your 2 year old cousin tries to spell ice cream
3:there is no third definition
i scream
by this is now my name May 15, 2020
(N) A two minute warning given to someone whose play slips. Usually begins with "I want you to come," and ends with a quick dismissal.
Shelly: I tried Larry out last night.

Donna: Cool, how was he?

Shelly: He started off ok, but when he put on a rubber he got way too into his dick. I had to pull an 'I scream come' on him and finish myself off after he left.
by wallhouse July 7, 2011