To intentionally (or in some cases unintentionally) have defecated or crapped in one's own pants/underwear; leaving visual proof of brown stains of fecal matter.
In an elevator:

When that person bent over to pick up her dropped quarters, I'm a hundred percent certain that I saw a glimpse of her underwear. She is currently dealing with a code brown situation unfortunately.
by Oxxy_Montalvy September 5, 2016
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Medical lingo spoken by EMS and emergency room personnel to denote a patient who is incontinent of feces. Used in the presence of family or other persons who don't want to hear, "He's shat himself."
"Glove up before you unwrap this chud, he's code brown.
by Crawlover July 3, 2004
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A family-friendly way of denoting a defecation incident or the threat thereof. In other words, someone just pooped or needs to badly. It's perhaps most often used by medical professionals, who frequently have to use other codes so code brown just fits right in.
oh boy, looks like we've got a code brown over here. Grab gloves everyone.
by Twisted Code May 8, 2017
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medical terminology: Xray examination of the large intestine (i.e. for polyps) may require the dreaded double threat 'double contrast' barium/ air enema, in which the cleansed colon is rinsed with barium and then inflated with air like a balloon - if the patient is unable to maintain compression of the sphincter to retain the catheter/ split valve/ inflatable buttplug used to supply the barium/ air AND to stopper the anus, and thus sprays a mixture of air, barium and fecal matter under pressure from their anus (under pressure - remember the intestine is inflated with air), it may be known as a 'code brown'. this is one of many reasons Xray techs wear shoe covers.
the patient blew a code brown, and housekeeping spent the rest of the day scrubbing fecal matter out of the light fixture with a small toothbrush
by stendhalismo April 29, 2005
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The moment you realize that precious time is a wasting before you poop yourself.
I was in a meeting and suddenly code brown arose, needless to say I ran to the bathroom like a sprinter and made a fast and furious platter of brownies.
by humphreyj January 15, 2009
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*the deuce/#2 being "unflushable" in a toilet
(Person quickly leaving the restroom after finding a plugged 2)"Code brown,code brown, now who's turn is it." (to clean it up)
by steve31 January 15, 2008
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The most critical point of needing to take a big shit. When one is on the verge of shitting in one's pants.
"Oh my God, I have to get to a toilet quick, I have a Code Brown!!"
by Kevin Graham December 4, 2003
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