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Becky, a girl which is overly dramatic and extremely stubborn. Although she has these traits she is a very loyal, trust worthy girl who would risk her own life for you. All the boys act silly around her even though they are after her fat ass.
She is popular on social media and normally hangs around with a couple of people coz of how shy she is in person. If your ever lucky enough to meet a Becky, you better hold on to her and her peng ass.
Boy 1- points at beckys ass "aiii, Beckys a sket"
Boy 2- whispers to his mate "look how juicy dat ass is man"
by Hahatooright July 15, 2019
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Becky is the most unusual woman you can ever meet, she is so caring and beautiful on the inside and in. She will go out off her way just to see a smile on your face. She’s very different in a good way, she loves the univers and stars, she’s open minded, she is into christals and how they recharge and the effects on the univers, she likes hippie stuff and she’s god dam beautiful. She’s normally a family orintated and stays married to the man she loves. Becky has normally natural chocolate brown hair with green or brown eyes, has a beautiful shaped face and amazing lips, she’s very skinny but still enjoys exercise. If you meet a Becky keep her in your life, she will love and care for you no matter what
Random person:why does Becky do that

Close friend: because she dosent care what people think as long as her friends and family and herself is happy :)
by Just someone nice❤️ February 21, 2019
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An amazing girlfriend,absolutely stunning,has the best smile anyone could have. Any boy named Ben would be lucky to have a girlfriend like that. She makes everyone smile when she walks in the room. She is very forgiving,kind,clever. People are jealous of her ass as it's stupidly big .
I'm so lucky to have a Becky in my life
by Bbaabbyy.ggiirrll112233 May 24, 2018
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Becky is a all useful phrase for those with a higher knowledge. It isn't for the dumb souls lurking around the earth you must be in the know to use "Becky".
*stubs toe*
"Dang nabbit Becky!"
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by BeckythePeepee June 01, 2018
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noun: potential bb, worth it 100%
Becky, please lemme smash
S- Support you
M- Make you feel safe
A- Actually feel loved
S- Stay and look after you
H- Hold you every night and feed you kit kats
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by nice jester October 13, 2017
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Nickname for Rebekah ; doesn't always mean giving or getting head; The sexiest, hottest, dopest chic one could ever meet. Just to be in the presence of this badass , desirable babe would be a great and very exciting experience. Typically but not limited to having blonde hair. She has beautiful grayish eyes very light in color, a bangin-ass body, and perfect titts. Has a tendency to cuss like a sailor and drinks hard liquor. Last but not least, has some bombass pussy that once you taste your hooked. No matter how hard you try to forget this sculpted erotic female, her image is forever imprinted in your head.
Gee, I wish I could be like Becky. Dudes just fall at her feet.
by SexyHellaDopeChic October 01, 2016
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(Adjective) from the song "Baby got Back". Jealousy specifically from a skinny girl with a flat butt who criticizes & body shames girls with big round butts to disguise the fact that she's jealous.
That girl said I have a fat ass!

Don't worry, she's just Becky. Your ass is great.
by Lyssa517 August 17, 2017
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