To create a complete mess; establish a state of disorder akin to immersing oneself in a world of unpleasant ass.
Don't do it, man. Adding that coconut milk would seriously ass up the marinara sauce.

OR: The project was moving along smoothly until Jared completely assed everything up.
by speedgoat January 17, 2008
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the more vulgar form of shutup now.
bob:didn't you say you'd pay me back today???
ann:no, i sed tomorrow
bob:liz, didnt ann say she'd pay me back today
liz:umm...yea...she said that to me too
bob:i'ma need your broke ass to pay me ass up.

*note-ass up can also be said as ass the hell up to add more emphasis to the fry or burn that just took place or it can be said as ass the fuck up to add EVEN MORE emphasis and make sed fry or burn even more epic...
just have fun with it
by pootytrained February 10, 2009
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(adj) The unsightly appearance of a person, place or thing. Commonly used in military setting when a superior scolds a junior (or group of juniors) for not keeping his/her/their appearance, living quarters, uniform, or equipment up to a standard of cleanliness and/or organization.

Synonyms: jacked up, fucked up, screwed up
Sergeant Slapstick: "Private Dingleberry!... I KNOW you did not just fall into my formation lookin so assed up... Get your stankin' ass back in the barracks to SHAVE, PUT ON A PRESSED UNIFORM and CLEAN YOUR BOOTS, you fuckin' fuckstick!"

Drill Sergeant Payne: "WAKE UP, 1st PLATOON!!! Now I KNOW y'all didn't go to bed last night leaving my bay floor lookin' so assed up! TOE THE LINE!!!"
by Bozo McScrotus June 2, 2016
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Asses up is a game played in parks, schoolyards or anywhere kids can find a large flat wall to throw a ball against, like the one in Buchmuller Park in Secaucus. The ball of choice is a sponge ball or “spongie,” or even a tennis ball. Basically, you have 2 or more kids throwing the ball against the wall and each person has to catch the ball. If you drop the ball 1 or more times (depending on the rules established), you have to put your ass up against the wall to be beaned by each other person playing the game. Sometimes, the guy throwing the ball can call out someone’s name and that person has to be the one to catch the ball. If you fail to catch the ball, ASSES UP! The game is a lot more fun if you play with fat kids who aren’t quick enough to catch the ball. Plus, their butts make great targets.
Kid 1: We are going down to Buchmuller Park to play Asses Up, are you in?

Kid 2: Be nice when throwing the ball at my butt, Dr. DeAngelis just gave me a shot of penicillin.
by shredder666 August 16, 2011
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To prepare and or raise one’s ass up in position for anal sex.
Ok baby, it’s time to ass up.

She was ass up and ready to go when I walked in the door.

Let me run to the bathroom first so I can ass up. I’m a little dirty down there.
by Eaton Holgoode February 5, 2018
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Angry to the point of no return,usually with the outcome ending in great violence to the one who has given you"a case of the ass" to begin with.
That f#@*ing Sam has got me all assed-up over not paying me my money!
by WORSETHANSATAN September 13, 2003
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Heather got so assed-up in the meeting that she broke a nail.
by Thuggery August 30, 2005
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