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An Enviornmentalist
Hes such a tree hugger
by Nick April 17, 2003
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An environmentalist or one who believes trees and all living things should not be cut down or harmed. Someone who works to protect the environment from destruction or pollution.
Suzie's such a tree hugger she chained herself to a redwood to keep the loggers from cutting it down.
by Rick January 09, 2005
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someone who loves the environment and believes it needs to be protected for the benefit of ourselves and future generations to come. Typically described as hippies. Often characterized by eating organic goods, natural fibre clothing, not consumption of meat, a general liking and respect for the environment.
The treehuggers from Greenpeace were all there protesting the rights of the environment.
by Anonymous September 17, 2003
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The Bosmer Elves or more commonly known as โ€œWood Elves.โ€

Roaming their forests, jumping around in tree houses and saving the Valenwood from intruders they fight... by denying any use of trade routes, commerce or consuming businessesss.

They do practice cannibalism, refusing to let a slain enemy go to waste... but really... just want to live in total tranquility in their forests.
I played Elder Scrolls Online... OMG those Bosmer are a bunch of tree-huggers.

I wanted to have something to eat after a long day of questing, but my Bosmer wife has been out tree-hugging all day.
by SirQuestinghood November 11, 2013
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an enviornmentalist(from an incident where a group of people protested against cutting down a forest by hugging the trees and not letting go)
by Light Joker June 08, 2007
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1. A naturalist who will do anything in his/her power to protect the environment and save wildlife. Comparable to a hippie, vegetarian, or Hypah. But not Mancow

2. Someone who is likely to have a nervous breakdown if he/she ever stops protesting something for more than a few minutes.
When will these treehuggers stop protesting everything?
by Varter April 20, 2004
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A lame person that can't find a person to do it with so they decide to do it with tree because they can't avoid them.
Did you see that "tree huggers" fucking that tree.
by LLamma buTT March 13, 2009
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