Kathy is a woman who embodies all that is good and pure in the world.
She is traditional and holds familt close.
She has high moral standards but if provoked can fight dirtier than the one who tries to take her down.

Kathy has a huge heart that she wears on her sleeve and sometimes it gets hurt because of her naivete with her beliefs that people are decent human beings.

Woman like Kathy rarely exist anymore. She is the last of the loyal ones. She will stick by your side. Raise the best children. And make a great friend, but never cross her because she will be your worst enemy. If you continue to hurt her or use her she will walk away after she gives 110%. Don't mistreat Kathy because when she's gone you will regret it.
I knew a Kathy once and it made me believe in humanity again.
by Homeslice00 December 16, 2019
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A wonderful woman. Cares deeply and sincerely about people. May put her heart on the line for the wrong people, but that is how God made her. Walks in her own giftings, which others are jealous of and they try to walk in them. Misunderstood a lot. Beautiful inside and out. Has been through more than most in life, but handles it quietly. She doesn't have a manipulative bone in her body, and would never take insecurities out on others. Honest to a fault. Glad to call her a friend.
Have you seen Kathy lately? She is glowing.
by Mayflowerrrrr September 2, 2018
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A kathyis. Usually a girl who cares and has a big heart she will do anything to get you happy and takes time to know her and once you realise you love her you wont be able to let her go bevause of her beauty and personality never let go of her you will miss her even if she wnt away for a while you wish you can spend and enternity with her
Damn i realy miss that kathy
by Defaultmatter87 September 26, 2018
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A kathy is a girl who you will love. She has a warm hart and is buetifull once you two realise you both like eachother you two will. Always be there for each other and she mostly cares about your personality and a little bit in looks you will feel sad after she is gone for a while and you not seeing her all in all she is a lovely person you should never leave you will be lucky to have a relationship with kathy never let her go you will regret it if you do
Damn i wish i was with kathy
by Defaultmatter87 September 26, 2018
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Great friend and mate, loyal to the end. Except when you break that trust, then she'll make you regret the day you met.

Loves to laugh, loves adventure, spontaneous. Is known to just pick up and go without thinking it through just for the fun of it.

Great kisser, loves with all her heart but also the one that gets hurt because she gives her everything.
by Kitkatdelicious December 19, 2016
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Kathy is a word to explain one amazing person.the shiz net of all friends. One of the most beautiful and gorgeous people. also one of the kindest.
by kellbell December 13, 2007
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Kathy is a wonderful person. She is really good at basketball. She loves to dance. Kathy would be a person that you would want to date and be friends with if someone hurts you she will make them back off. She is pretty if she lays eye on someone then she will give you everything you want. You dont want to to get her mad because you dont want to see when she is mad. Kathy is a lovely person that you never want to lose. Kathy is a friend that keep the friends together with out her then her friends would be falling apart. If a one of her friends is a back staber to her then she will not have that trust in you any more
Kathy is a beautiful person she will alway love you care about you no matter what kathy will alway be with you if you break her heart she wont care about you any more you would be dead to her. Dont make her mad.
by 12344678910 Martinez Twins April 27, 2019
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